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November 28, 2020

The Most Stressful Jobs
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If you think your job is stressful or a piece of cake, you’ll want to hear the list of the top ten most stressful and least stressful occupations, along with chances for career growth and income. Then, from life on the streets to a prison term, he turned his life around and is now a respected community leader.
Episode Segments:
Stressful Jobs
Tony Lee is an employment expert, and publisher of CareerCast recently completed a study to determine the 10 most and least stressful careers. Mr. Lee explained the factors that his organization used to measure the stress in various jobs. He also discussed the growth potential of careers on the list and why stressful jobs can still be desirable for some people.
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Lessons of Redemption
Kevin Shird is a former drug dealer and convict and the author of Lessons of Redemption. Mr. Shird shared his story of spending years as young drug-trafficker on the streets of Baltimore, and his eventual arrest and incarceration. He explained how he turned his life around, now working as a community leader, speaking to students about substance abuse prevention and helping children of addicted parents.
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Sean Burch shared the story of how he became the first solo climber of Mount Everest. He talked about the importance of diet and fitness, and offered tips on how the average person can lose weight and get into shape. Sean is amultiple world record holder in extreme sports events and is the author of Hyperfitness: 12 Weeks to Conquering Your Inner Everest and Getting Into the Best Shape of Your Life.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Kevin Shird
Kevin Shird, co-founder and president of the Do Right Foundation, is making a remarkable impact on the fight against drugs in America. Recognized as a national youth advocate, author, public speaker, and humanitarian, Kevin has dedicated his life and work to helping youth understand the perils of street culture ---which makes no apologies for destroying so many lives and families. After serving a total of 12 years in California state prison and federal prison for drug trafficking, he now advocates for young people and policy changes and he often uses the term “Redemption.” Recently, Kevin published his memoir entitled Lessons of Redemption where he tells the gritty truth of inner-city neighborhoods, living with a substance abusing parent, being entangled in heroin trafficking, the murder of his friend, serving time in prison, and discovering how to re-establish himself as a loving father, citizen, and strong advocate for youth.

The Do-It-Right Foundation

Sean Burch
A 7-time world record holder that spans 6 countries and 4 continents, Sean is winner of National Geographic Channel's Ultimate Survival Alaska show, and was awarded Goodwill Ambassador to Nepal by their government for aid work in the hidden Himalaya regions of Nepal. He has partnered with No Kid Hungry Program, the Nepal Trust, the World Wildlife Fund, in Tanzania, the Fujisan Club, in Japan, ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation, Children's Welfare Institutes (CWI) and private orphanages in Tibet, and The Himalayan Rescue Association's multiple health outpost clinics throughout the Khumbu region of Nepal. Sean has been an instructor of martial arts and master fitness consultant for over 2 years. He is author of the highly acclaimed self-help and fitness book, Hyperfitness: 12 Weeks to Conquering Your Inner Everest (Penguin Group USA).

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