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November 24, 2016

Yes, We Can Rise!
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The last time I aired was on November 10, 2016; and, that shows discussion was about people being on the “ Wrong Side of The Right Thing”. Now, that the outcome of the Presidential Election, is not suitable to the consensus of a good majority of Americans, as proof being reported by the media, showing protesters are still using their voices, coupled with stances, as they chant and carry written messages on hand written signs, high in the air, as they are marching to utilize their voices to reverberate their disappointment for the outcome, as Donald Trump is now the President Elect, for this nation that is already Great. Maya Angelou, wrote a beautiful poem titled “Still I Rise,” in 1978; and, 38 years later, the eloquent and truthful message that this prolific and beautiful writer scripted in this poem, still holds a powerful message for today’s times. Two of my concerns are, can we, as Americans, rise above the discontent that seemingly has taken a contentious grip on this powerful nations populace? Also, what are some of the methodologies to be given energy to, in order that we, as a nation, can implement them, so we can learn from our mistakes, giving way for this nations populace to move forward in a positive manner? Join me and my guest, Brian W. Keves, Technology Expert, for this important discussion.
Episode Segments:
Here's Theresa: Yes, We Can Rise!
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