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August 10, 2017

Commitment- Is It Really Important As It's Meaning
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There are a number of tools that are essential for those of us who are wanting to forge ahead in our lives and who want to positively accomplish as much as possible. "Hard Work," is the typical two letter word description that is used for gaining access to what is needed for attaining our ultimate goals in life. However, the descriptive "Hard Work" that is commonly used for this purpose, contains a myriad of other important factors that must be met, in order that our achievement comes to fruition in a timely manner. Commitment is also a common word, another descriptive that is used as we attentively listen to speeches by business speakers, professional coaches and therapist, as they assist many individuals in acquiring the outcome that they are wanting to reach. The question is, why is it so hard for so many human beings to commit to their goals in life?
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Here's Theresa: Commitment
Why is it so hard for so many human beings to commit to their goals in life? To stay on track? Is committing so hard? Is it the culprit for so many to stop obtaining their destiny? Join me in this educational and enlightening conversation with my guest, Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C Campbell.
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