Thursday • May 23
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Dating & Marriage: What to do before and after you say I Do
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Having a successful relationship with your significant other takes a lot of work. And that work doesn't stop after the wedding. But the work doesn't need to be hard if you know what to do. My guests YG and Toby Nyghtstorm are the dynamic duo of life management, and they'll share their tips on what it takes to make a relationship work and last.
Episode Segments:
Don't Box Me In: The Nyghtstorms

What does it take to make a marriage work? For the answers, we turn to a couple who had a rough road till they found their marital bliss.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Y.G. Nyghtstorm
Y.G. Nyghtstorm is a motivational and keynote speaker as well as published author. He is known as the man not afraid to be transparent as he helps REAL people deal with REAL issues. His goal is to help people find the strength within themselves to take action when faced with some of the many unforeseen events that can happen in life. Even in the worst circumstances, a person still has the power to take the steps necessary to change their life for the better. As host of the weekly internet radio show Nyghtstorms All Action New Talk, Mr. Nyghtstorm and his wife and cohost Toby George Nyghtstorm discuss the difficult issues of life that sometimes go unspoken but desperately need attention in order to help people find answers. During his seminars and speaking engagements, Mr. Nyghtstorm guides both men and women while teaching techniques that assist them with a variety of different topics. His program covers everything from parenting and the fatherless home epidemic, to the best ways to conduct themselves when interacting with the people that play a vital role in their current circumstance. The point of his lessons is to establish and keep a positive situation. He also speaks about social issues such as homelessness, depression, child abuse, teen suicide, dating, and protecting your mental wellbeing. His mission is to help people conquer the vices that are hindering the positive way of life that they want for themselves, their family situation, and all involved.

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Toby George Nyghtstorm
Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Toby George Nyghtstorm is CEO of Nyghtstorm International, LLC, Cofounder and Secretary of Victor Sims Foundation, a nonprofit organization which host family structured community events and assist youth who are interested in becoming first responders. She is President and cofounder of Yahby, LLC, an online company which specialize is customizable illuminated picture frames and is the wife of author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Mr. Y.G. Nyghtstorm. Mrs. Nyghtstorm or Lady Nyghtstorm as she is known to her listeners, is known as the woman not afraid to tell the truth about how things really are. She is the cohost of the weekly internet radio show Nyghtstorms All Action New Talk which focuses on helping people deal with issues that effect their everyday lives. She speaks to a wide range of audiences from her own life experiences on everything from being raised in a fatherless and motherless home to child molestation, dating, teenaged parenting, marriage success and failure, infidelity and its affects, divorce, domestic violence and abuse, homelessness, dealing with the death of a child, families dealing with homosexuality, clinical depression and PTSD from the spouse’s point of view, your changing role as a parent as your child becomes an adult and financial failure and success. Her candid and very real conversations with her audiences make for a very thought provoking, uplifting and entertaining lesson about life, love, and happiness. No matter the pitfall or challenge you are currently facing you will gain new perspective and feel empowered by her wit and wisdom.

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