Tuesday • February 27
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Battling Psychosis
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After growing up in rural Alabama as a stable and contented youngster, Shannon Love married her childhood sweetheart and joined him in a life of travel and adventure. Then, as life sometimes does, it placed a detour directly in her path. Unsympathetic to her location or circumstances, Mother Nature tinkered with her neurotransmitters while she was living in Beijing, and thus, fate sent her to a new destination- the world of psychosis, a place far more alien than any she had yet visited. Hijacked by happenstance, she was pulled out of my sane world and transported to a bizarre planet filled with hallucinations and delusions.
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Don't Box Me In: Shannon Love
As someone who struggles with a severe mental illness, Shannon wanted to write a book that would educate people in the most simple way- through experience. So, she recreated my psychotic episodes for the reader in her memoir,Twisting My Kaleidoscope, hoping that her new understanding might lead to empathy for others who battle with such symptoms.
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Shannon Love
Mental illness struck me with her heavy blow in mid-life in the form of a psychosis. As not to ruin the book for you, I will simply sum it up as a hijack by fate, pulling me out of my sane world to be placed on a bizarre planet, filled with hallucinations and delusions.

Fortunately, my friends and family grasped arms and held tight around me, preventing my wobble from falling into devastation. Happy, healthy, and stable, I now wish to pay it forward. And so, I hold my hands out to others suffering from these illnesses that torture our minds, frazzle our nerves, and sometimes lead us to despair's abyss. For although such sickness is invisible to the naked eye, it crawls deep under the skin of those it torments

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