Saturday • June 22
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Divorce 101
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This week's guest is Cherie Morris, Certified Divorce Coach and founder of Life Transitions Matter. Cherie and her partners will soon begin a series of webinars called Divorce 101: The Basics which will give anyone at any stage of their divorce the tools and knowledge to make a smoother life transition.
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Don't Box Me In: Divorce Coach Cherie Morris
When you're going through a divorce, you definitely need a lawyer, but as Cherie will explain, you should also have a coach, too.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Cheri Morris
Cherie Morris is a lawyer, certified yoga teacher, mother and writer. She attended Duke University and the University of Iowa College of Law. She worked as a lawyer from 1991 through 2003 and since that time has worn many hats: COO of a law firm, yoga teacher, and author.

She began exploring alternate dispute resolution and the possibility of transformative mediation in order to understand how to change the nature of conflict and improve dynamics when conflict occurs. Her training as a coach was inspired by the knowledge that facing transition is daunting and having a coach as a partner can help individuals clarify thinking and action in a supportive and accountable environment. She believes individuals have the ability to move through transition successfully using tools they likely have from previous life experiences. Accessing oneís best self while strengthening reserves is possible when in the midst of a difficult transition.

Cherie is raising four children of her own and is now part of a blended family. She is delighted to include her partnerís daughter and say they have a combined five. Life is always interesting and challenging.

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