Thursday • May 23
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Recovery After Attempted Suicide
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In January of 2011, Nancy Virden attempted to take her own life. Now she shares her story of recovery.

Nancy has battled major depression for over 30 years,. She now confronts the stigma surrounding mental illness, depression, and suicide, and tries to help those who are suffering the way that she was.
Episode Segments:
Don't Box Me In: Nancy Virden

A frank and honest discussion about depression and suicide with survivor Nancy Virden. Nancy is not a medical professional, but uses her own experiences to help others.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Nancy Virden
Diagnosed with Recurrent Major Depression in 2005, and married over thirty years to a man with the same diagnosis, it was not too shocking to discover that other family members grapple with the same. I have been on three intense sides of the spectrum, as the patient, the key support person, and by persuading a suicidal person into going to the hospital. Through recovery, I have been blessed to meet many others who struggle emotionally.

It has become clear that a major commonality between people who strive to maintain mental health is a general lack of compassion from outside and toward themselves. Patience, acceptance, and non-judgmental support is invaluable as we deal with life’s challenges. Compassionate Love Blog is built around true stories of people I know or have heard about, and from my life. These posts are sometimes touching, sometimes humorous and hopefully always thought-provoking. My aim for this blog is to teach potential supporters how to help without wounding, and to encourage those who struggle emotionally to consider self-care.

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