Wednesday • July 06
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Profiting from Addiction
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Families of ‎drug‬ addicts often live with shame, guilt, and worry as the hope to find some way to make things better for their loved one. On this week's show, I chat with parents Terri and Mike Dacy who not only lost their son to drug addiction but who were also preyed upon by the ‪‎Narconon‬ rehab facility. Narconon never treated their son, Jonathan for his drug habits but yet billed them for services and took out credit cards in their family’s name.
Episode Segments:
Don't Box Me In: Teri and Mike Dacy

Terri and Mike Dacy's son Jonathon was addicted to over-the-counter pain and anxiety meds. With no insurance, they had few options for ‪#‎drug‬ addiction treatment, they thought they found what they were looking for in ‪‎Narconon‬ of Georgia. But instead of treatment for their son, they received delays, excuses, and thousands of dollars in bills on unauthorized credit cards.
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