Thursday • April 18
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Escaping the Porn Industry
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Vanessa Belmond aka aka Alexa Cruz spent seven years in the sex industry from the age of 18 to 25, and decided to leave in March 2013 because of how harmful it was to her and others. She is now volunteering for and supporting their vitally important mission by speaking out against the devastating harms of pornography, prostitution, stripping, and related forms of sexual exploitation and abuse.

She is also doing direct outreach to people in the sex industry and to others (especially teens), to help them with education and support, in order to help make up for the damage she's done in the past.
Episode Segments:
Don't Box Me In: Vanessa Belmond

Guest, Vanessa Belmond is a former pornstar turned anti - ‎porn‬ activist. She was in the porn industry for seven years and struggled with drugs, depression, and the many drawbacks of being in the sex industry. She tells the story how she got into the industry, why she got out, and why she feels she needs to educate others on the dangers of both participating in and being a consumer of the sex industry.
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Links to Related Websites: is a nonreligious, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit public service organization, working to prevent and combat the devastating harms of pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking and sexual slavery, as well as all other forms of sexual exploitation and abuse, through public education and advocacy.