Wednesday • April 17
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The Power of Adversity
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At the age of 18,Tiffany Mason was sexually molested and exploited by my coach's husband. After this traumatic situation, she was at a crossroad; she had the option of either allowing this man to negativity affect the rest of her life or to learn and grow from this experience. At the age of 19, she made the mental decision to learn and grow from every experience I encounter.

For the next five years, she researched and studied the topics of personal development and what it takes to have a healthy and loving marriage. Now, at the age of 24, she is the founder and owner of Mason Coaching and Consulting. She inspires and empowers women to unleash their feminine essence from the inside out so that their life and marriage are both meaningful and joyful. After her personal adversity, she decided to write about her life in The Power of Adversity- A Guide To Finding Your Greatest Gift In Life. This book is a personal memoir of being sexually molested and self-help guide where she empowers women to overcome their adversity and discover their greatest gift in life. The Power of Adversity will be released in Jan 2015.
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Educvii: Tiffany Mason & The Power of Adversity

With adversity, comes the opportunity to find your greatest gift in life. Tiffany Mason is living proof of that. She shares her personal journey of healing after my traumatic situation at the age of 18.
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Tiffany Mason
As the founder of Mason Coaching and Consulting, Tiffany Mason inspires her clients and audiences to live each day in alignment with their deepest values and beliefs so that they can shine from the inside out. Tiffany’s mis- sion is to empower women to be feminine in life and marriage. We’ll work together on nurturing your well-being and every aspect of your life. Tiffany has a gift that touches the hearts of others in a way that is both awakening and transformational. Those that work with Tiffany experience practical take-aways, self- awareness, insightful wisdom and clarity.

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