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Sustainable Recovery
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Keith Kay was well on his way to becoming a hopeless alcoholic. He got sober in the traditional, Twelve-Step way. Over the course of his recovery, his life's journey brought him outside the mainstream of the conventional way people get sober. He became first a registered nurse, then studied alternative and energy healing, and then moved on to the psychology, science and spirituality of personal transformation.

He realized that his sobriety was effortless, while observing the majority continue to struggle for months, years and decades into recovery. He dedicated himself to understanding how this amazing transformation happened. He came to understand that his way of being is sustainable; he has a sustainable recovery.

The book Sustainable Recovery is his story; it's the knowledge and concepts upon which his transformation is based; and it's a practical, step-by-step guide that explains how to do what Keith did.
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Don't Box Me In:Keith Kaye
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Keith Kay
Keith Kay is a fake name of a real man who has worked in the mainstream of healthcare for three decades, and focused on the specialty of substance abuse. Additionally, he has studied a variety of alternative healing modalities, as well as the latest techniques in personal transformation. These attributes, in combination with more than 20 years of personal recovery, give him a unique and fresh perspective on addictions and rehabilitation. He continues to work as a registered nurse in the substance-abuse field, where his passion remains helping others and pursuing greater insight into the process of recovery. He has chosen to publish under a pseudonym in keeping with the Twelve-Step tradition of anonymity at the level of media.

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