Wednesday • June 12
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Bringing Order to Hip Hop
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This week, we're talking with Alfredo Barrios of Order of Hip Hop 26 about his life, Hip Hop and his mission to reach and influence youth through positive music.
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Don't Box Me In: Order of Hip Hop 26

Our guest Alfredo Barrios shares with us how choosing a life on the streets affected his own life, and how he now helps youths made better choices than he did.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Alfredo Barrios Sr.
Alfredo grew up in North Long Beach Ca. in the early 80’s. As a teenager he experienced juvenile halls, juvenile camp, and Youth Authority. (YA) Alfredo’s incessant juvenile delinquency prevented him from accomplishing what so many youth have the opportunity to do today… to graduate from high school, set positive goals and lead productive lives. At 16 his father was innocently murder and instead of taking that catastrophic event as motivation to achieve something positive in his life, his choices caused him many years in prison and time away from his son and family. Alfredo blames himself for the mistakes he made as a youth, and is now speaking with our youth throughout our schools in order that they can learn from his mistakes and keep them focus in succeeding. His passion is to reach 1 youth during every speaking event, and to motivate many others through his personal message. Alfredo served over 15 years incarcerated and for the past 5 years he has regained his freedom through the grace of God, and has pledge to provide awareness to our young teens in schools and juvenile halls, that education is the key tool to make their lives what they want it to be. Order Of Hip Hop26 was created in an effort to propel our youth forward with positive messages through the hip hop genre, and make an honest living. Hip Hop has taken some of youth in a negative direction, however, through positive hip hop we want to steer our youth in the right direction.