Tuesday • February 27
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The Kick-Ass Guide to Life
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Christopher Rausch is the creator of “The KICKASS Guide to Life,” the complete guide to living your best personal and professional KICKASS life! His program helps people overcome their self-created crap without the self-help fluffy BS!
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Don't Box Me In: Christopher Rausch
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Christopher Rausch
When he was young, Christopher’s life was anything but KICKASS™. He grew up in the inner city of Los Angeles, California. With his father nowhere in sight, Christopher’s mother nearly gave him up for adoption. Instead, she struggled to provide a life for him while battling multiple psychiatric disorders. As the neighborhood became more dangerous, his mother moved them to the nice middle-class city of Anaheim.

hen, because of her struggle to keep a job, he went from being an average 13-year-old kid living in a 4-bedroom house to being a homeless 7th-grade-dropout, living in the family station wagon — and, if that wasn’t enough… he had to share it with 18 cats and 2 dogs! As a result of his mother’s limitations, Christopher constantly endured mental and physical abuse throughout most of his young life.

For the next four agonizing years, Christopher suffered through — and survived — many painful experiences, which ultimately made him the man he is today!

After deciding he wasn’t going to be a victim of his circumstances anymore, Christopher changed the course of his life. He overhauled his belief system and seriously got down to business. As a result, he proudly earned a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management, purchased two houses, and started his professional speaking and training career! And his favorite accomplishment? … being married to the love of his life!

Christopher is grateful for his success and believes deeply in giving back to his community. In his spare time, he mentors at-risk kids from The Brightest Star Organization and Olive Crest Children’s Foundation and loves anything related to music and cars.

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