Monday • March 04
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The Suicide Epidemic
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Carla Jackson is a suicide survivor. It has been over a year since her last death effort and she still finds herself alone in a big world of people. In her own words, "I walk around feeling like I have a dirty little secret, knowing that if I shared what i did, i would be judged. Yet I feel surviving is a skill that should be recognized. And like most things in history, if the past is studied and understood, then one can take steps to make sure the same mistakes are not made."

Carla is a college educated, 43 yr old woman, with a husband that has been married to the military as his "other" wife for over twenty years. She is also the mother of twelve. Yes, you read that right, twelve.
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Don't Box me In: Carla Jackson's Story

It's estimated that 8.5 million adults have had thoughts of suicide in the last year alone, with 2.2 million following through and making suicide plans. It is a myth and a stigma that people who attempt suicide must be crazy. In reality, depression and grief are the most common triggers. Today, we will meet Carla Jackson, who has come full circle emotionally, from quietly carrying the burden of her attempted suicide, to openly discussing her journey to recovery.
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