Thursday • May 23
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When Divorce Do Us Part
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Hogan Hilling a proud father of three children, fatherhood advocate, co-founder and member of many dad-related organizations and groups. His latest book is When Divorce Do Us Part, a self-help divorce survival handbook filled with simple strategies and proven results on how to survive and thrive during the divorce process and after the decree. The book provides a spouse in the divorce process with information on how to access a stream of support, services and resources; offers sound advice on how a spouse can stay emotionally fit during the divorce process; and feeds hope and inspiration for a spouse to take control of his or her new life and become a healthy, happy successful single person.

Episode Segments:
Don't Box Me In: Hogan Hilling

Hunter concluded that if his marriage had a sad ending, why couldn't his divorce have a happy ending? He discovered through his personal experience divorce can! His book "When Divorce Do Us Part: How to Live and Love Again" offers hope for a spouse willing to invest in him or herself and reconnect with the main road of life.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Hogan Hilling
Hogan Hilling is the Divorce Guru and author of a revolutionary book about divorce “When Divorce Do Us Part: How to Live and Love Again”, (Motivational Press, 2013). Hilling has appeared on Oprah and ABC’s Documentary The Story of Fathers and Sons. Hilling serves as a facilitator for the St. Andrews Divorce Recovery Workshop in Newport Beach, California and speaker for the “Free to Love Again” Divorce Recovery Program in Laguna Beach, California. Hilling is also the founder of Divorce Guru, an exclusive consultation membership based service for spouses in the divorce process. Divorce Guru’s mission is to show a spouse how to win the mental game of divorce with integrity.

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