Tuesday • February 27
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Cancer Warrior Heather Choate
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When it comes to surviving some of life’s most difficult situations, Heather Choate has done it all. She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 10 weeks pregnant July 2014. She gave birth to healthy baby girl who is now 9 months old. She brings her role as cancer-warrior into the lives of readers, addressing topics that affect them most.

Heather Choate understands we all have unexpected adversity in life. It’s those things that we think “will never happen to us” which sneak up on us like shadows turning sunshine into darkness. Despite adversity, nearly impossible challenges can be met, families can be strengthened and faith can sustain even the most desperate souls on their journey.
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Don't Box Me In: Heather Choate
At age 29, Best-selling author Heather Choate was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was ten weeks pregnant with her sixth child. Her unborn baby was at risk due to the fast-spreading and highly dangerous cancer in Heather’s body that had already spread to her lymph nodes. Doctors told her she needed to abort her baby to save her life. Heather told them, “I’d rather die than take the life of my baby.” She and her husband set out to find a way to save both her and her child.
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Heather Choate
Heather Choate was born in Littleton, Colorado. She now lives in a small town in Southern Colorado on a farm with her husband and five children. She chases chickens, declares war on the weeds in her garden and enjoys quietly people-watching. Most of her time is spent daydreaming of worlds and people that don’t actually exist but reflect the beauty and complicity of humanity. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2014 while pregnant with her sixth child, spurring her to write about her passion for health and fitness in addition to her fiction novels. Writing is her escape from diaper changes and runny noses, but motherhood is the greatest journey and joy of her life.

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