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August 29, 2016

Designing a Better Workstation
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The research is clear about the hazards of a sedentary lifestyle yet chairs and desks still dominate the workplace landscape. Phil Brady decided to do something about that.

Phil was one of the 86% of the American workforce working behind a computer screen. He went to the gym regularly, but his health still suffered resulting in emergency surgery. That was a wake up call to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. He also needed to find a way to be less sedentary while working on the computer.

He went on to design the Egoflex desk and later, the Ergo Gym Computer Workstation.
Episode Segments:
Corporate Talk: Phil Brady and Donovan Green
Phil Brady is an ergo-active workspace designer and is the creator of the ergo flex desk. He is joined by Donovan Green. Author of No Excuses Fitness, Personal Trainer to Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Chairman of Together, they are on a mission to eradicate the sitting disease that is crippling our workforce.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Phil Brady
Phil Brady is a former pastoral associate in the Catholic Church, Founder of two not-for-profit organizations: Migrant Relief Services, Inc. and Oakland Cares, Inc. He's a graduate at Regis University where he was taught in the Jesuit philosophy of education and received his masters in organizational development with a masters certificate in executive leadership. Phil is an ergoActive computer work space designer that allow computer users the freedom of movement and mild exercise in-between their downloads and mouse clicks. He has recently came up with a new line of back brace tote bags called the Back Bliss that allow users to sit in an optimal sitting posture for long periods of times.

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Donovan Green
Hi, I am Donovan Green. Author of No Excuses Fitness, Personal Trainer to Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Chairman of

about_img1 Hi, I am Donovan Green. Author of No Excuses Fitness, Personal Trainer to Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Chairman of Let me share my philosophy on life with you. Everything in life worth having comes with a struggle. I don’t care if we’re t chasing after that perfect girl or guy, a job you really want or your fitness goals. Those things you work for, those things you earn-those are the things you will appreciate,value, and maintain.

I am one of those guys who believes that fitness has to be challenging to your mind, body, and spirit to achieve long lasting results. I believe in pushing myself to my physical limits. I lift the heaviest weights I can lift and run as fast as my body will go. My clients have come to share this same type of belief because that passion for pushing the limit is what reaps all the rewards. Keep going even when it hurts, and it will pay off. Even when I have an injury or my clients have an injury, we keep going. I know to work around that injury and still have a fantastic workout. Just because your ankle is injured does’t mean your arms cannot keep going. A strained shoulder does not keep your legs from moving. Keep going.