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February 13, 2017

Flying Penguin: The Six Dimensions of Success
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Our guest is Dr. Asoka Jinadasa the author of Flying Penguin: How to create miracles in your life using the six dimensions of success. Dr. Jinadasa used the simple methods described in his book to look and act 25 years younger than his 70 years, enjoy perfect health with no illnesses, and develop a razor-sharp mind. He has helped thousands of people achieve the highest levels of success by unleashing the vast human potential mostly sleeping within them.
Episode Segments:
Corporate Talk: Dr. Asoka Jinadasa
People fly beyond their limitations to perform miracles under life-threatening circumstances, just as penguins fly up from the water to land on ice at higher levels when threatened by predators lurking under the ice. Dr. Asoka Jinadasa's book Flying Penguin helps you create such miracles in your everyday life by awakening your vast inborn human potential. It explains how to develop the six dimensions of success symbolized by heart, mind, body, passion, focus, and health, by using oriental energy methods blended with modern neuroscience, nutrition, and healthcare.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Dr. Asoka Jinadasa
Dr. Asoka Jinadasa is a chartered engineer with a doctorate in business strategy, a Master of the Chinese martial art T’ai Chi Ch’uan, and an award-winning media advertiser and brand marketer. He has empowered thousands of salespeople using his six-dimensional model of success and leadership. He just published probably the best self-coaching book ever written: Flying Penguin: How to create miracles in your life using the six dimensions of success.

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