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December 06, 2015

Eliminating Exhaust
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Richard welcomes inventor David Yurth for a discussion on a new breakthrough exotic technology that has the potential to save the planet. Then, Richard speaks with a musician who had an ET encounter that raised his consciousness and his connection to music to a higher plane.
Episode Segments:
The Conspiracy Show: Eliminating Exhaust
Richard welcomes David Yurth, the principal inventor and co-founder of Nova Institute of Technology, for a discussion on a new breakthrough exotic technology that has the potential to save the planet from harmful CO2 emmisions by breaking it down into its component parts at the exhaust source.
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The Conspiracy Show: Pyramids on Mars
Kevin Estrella is a professional musician who can make his guitar truly communicate and display emotion. That’s NOT a skill that comes along with practice. That comes purely from a connection between a musician and the instrument to what we know as ‘true-love.’ He is also a "Contactee" who was coached by extraterrestrials on how to reach higher states of consicousness. He talks about his ET experience in relation to his unique and creative music.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
David Yurth
DAVID G. YURTH's professional focus for 50 years has been in the field of technology development, invention management, and system integration.

He has served as chief scientist, managing partner, founder, director, and CEO of numerous companies. He is currently working as Director of Science & Technology for the Nova Institute of Technology. His experience is heavily weighted in industry networking, technology analytics and research, and prototype development and testing.

Yurth has invented or co-invented more than 60 innovative technology-based integrations and devices. He is the author of twelve books, 15 screenplays and 12 scientific papers, articles and scientific monographs, and serves as reviewer and editor for 5 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Kevin Estrella
Kevin recorded, produced, engineered and mastered his first debut CD, self titled "Pyramids on Mars" released in 2013. He performed all the instruments on the album and did all the drum programming. He has been capturing music industry attention getting international radio airplay in the U.S, Canada, South America and Europe. He is a regular guest on Brian 'the hammer' Jackson radio (Los Angeles) to over 4 million listeners and a weekly speaker on Real Rock Radio (Chicago).

Pyramids on Mars really is music from the Mystical Red Planet. When he created Pyramids on Mars, his intention was to combine his love of instrumental music; reaching higher states of consciousness, at the same time helping others awaken to the very real Alien and UFO presence on our planet. Little did he know that THEY had the same intentions with him. That is when they contacted him on Aug 21, 2014, 10:30pm. This is his story...

Pyramids on Mars