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December 02, 2018

Remote Viewing Experience
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Richard welcomes Canada’s own Edgar Cayce, the developer of Quantum Meditation an advanced technique on how to access your higher self for important information that anyone can learn to do. The potential of your power within is virtually unlimited! He will also make several predictions for 2019.
Episode Segments:
The Conspiracy Show: Remote Viewing Experiment
Douglas James Cottrell is the world's leading expert in Quantum Meditation™ and has authored more than a dozen titles on personal and spiritual development. He can teach you to access the Quantum Field too!
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The Conspiracy Show: 2019 Predictions
Richard continues the conversation with our psychic guest but switches the topic to predictions for the year ahead, 2019. What to look out for and how to be better prepared in a turbulent society with great changes and social upheaval.
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