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November 16, 2014

The Orville Nix JFK Assassination Film
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Richard discusses the Missing Nix film, a key piece of evidence in the JFK Assassination that has been missing for years. Then, details about the COINTELPRO operation, which is seeking to discredit those who are telling the truth about tyrants, traitors and criminals.
Episode Segments:
The Conspiracy Show: The Orville Nix JFK Assassination Film

Gayle Nix Jackson was in downtown Dallas the day her grandfather took the famous Nix film of the JFK assassination. In 1988, 25 years after he sold his film to UPI, Gayle negotiated with the now defunct company to have the film returned to her family. It was at that time she found the camera original film was missing.
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The Conspiracy Show: COINTEL PRO Exposed

The purpose of the COINTELPRO operation: To publicly discredit those legitimate individuals who are telling the truth about criminals, tyrants and traitors in government; and to sabotage the work of genuine activists standing up against the New World Order. COINTELPRO --instituted in the 1950s under the auspices of the FBI by J. Edgar Hoover-- involves, among other operations, professional Intelligence operatives who organize amateurs (who pose as political activists; "patriots" or even "Christians") to target bonafide whistle-blowers, survivors of government black operations,sincere patriots and defenders of the Constitution, by demonizing their character; spreading lies and disinformation; Machiavellian divide-and-conquer tactics; as well as harassment campaigns by e-mail and phone, even stalking (cyber-stalking included).
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Gayle Nix Jackson
ayle Nix-Jackson describes herself as a “one-time goddess who had a reality check.” To the rest of the world, she is that woman who knows more about baseball than she should and names her pets after philosophers.She was the Desoto High School liaison reporter for the Desoto Today Newspaper. After moving from college to college in her youth she finally settled on Dallas Baptist University and holds a double major in Business and English, as well as an MA from Texas Woman’s University in English and Rhetoric. She went on to become the first Online Writing Tutor for the OWL lab at TWU, publishing several academic papers on rhetoric and electronic discourse.

Gayle's Website

Sherri Kane
Sherri Kane is an investigative journalist, news commentator, psycho-social analyst, and political activist, specializing in uncovering media persuasion and manipulation, conspiracy realities and women’s, children’s, and animal rights issues.

She is the Vice President of Medical Veritas Journal, and the co-Founder of 528Revolution.com. She has published work in various newspapers, magazines and websites, and has been interviewed all over the world including Tru Tv's Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Al Jazeera’s A9 Turkey, Late Night In The Midlands with Michael Vara, The Veritas Show, BBC Talk Radio Europe, GLPVC’s The Raw Feed Live, WAC Connecticut, The Liberty Hour and other radio and internet broadcasts. She is the co-host of The Insight Hour on BBSRadio.com along with Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

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