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October 02, 2016

Follow the Money
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9-11, the great recession, the Central Bank Madness… how are they all connected and are they the pretext for a Global war? A distinguished scholar shares the frightening answer. Then – meet the Cold Case team hot on the trail of an escaped skyjacker who outfoxed the FBI six times!
Episode Segments:
The Conspiracy Show: Follow the Money
Dr. Morgan Reynolds is a distinguished scholar who is the Professor of Economics Emeritus at Texas A&M University. He has come to the conclusion that 9/11 was a cunning pretext for global war. They will also share his in-depth knowledge on the boom/bust cycle, phony recoveries, central bank madness, money printing, and wealth inequality. He is Dedicated to exposing the LIARS and INTELLECTUAL OBSTRUCTIONISTS who work on behalf of the 9/11 perpetrators. Better make room in American prisons: there are lots of guilty, guilty folks out there. Let’s smoke ’em out of their holes.
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The Conspiracy Show: The Cold Case Team
Thomas J. Colbert is a determined citizen sleuth who has assembled a forty-member cold case team, hot on the trail of a skyjacker with a briefcase bomb who demanded a $200,000 ransom and a parachute. Then he vanished out the jet’s back door and became an instant legend outfoxing the FBI six times! Hear where the FBI failed and have given up hope, Enter the Cold Case Team to get their man!
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