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September 29, 2013

A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall
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Dr. Douglas James Cottrell believes that major Earth changes that could be headed our way. This interview will prepare you for what's to come. Then - key witnesses to the Rosewell UFO crash are speaking out- Hear what they have to say.
Episode Segments:
Conspiracy Show: Earth Changes

Dr. Douglas James Cottrell addresses the likelihood and impact of a major solar storm, earthquakes, political unrest, continued radiation poisoning from Fukushima, potential financial collapse, and more. Can we survive? How will we survive? How will society function once we come out the other side? Dr. Cottrell will reveal how "The Law of One" may be our best, and only hope.
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Conspiracy Show: Witness to Roswell

Richard and Victor Viggiani (Zland News Network) welcome respected Roswell investigator and author Don Schmitt who'll reveal conversations he's had with several of the key witnesses to the Roswell UFO crash and the ensuing coverup. Among others, Schmitt will discuss the testimony of 1st Lt. Jack Trowbridge who handled the 'Memory Material" recovered from the UFO crash site
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