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July 21, 2013

The Spiritual Reality Behind the UFO Phenomenon
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Then - was the US Lunar landing a hoax? A counselor and educator offers evidence that there is a spiritual mission behind extraterrestrial visits to Earth. Then, A media researcher shares the telltale signs the moon was actually located in a movie studio.
Episode Segments:
The Conspiracy Show: Spirituality and UFO's

Counselor and educator Dick Larson discusses what he describes as the spiritual mission behind the UFO phenomenon. He'll offer a positive view on alien contact and argues that our space brothers and sisters are here to help humanity.
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The Conspiracy Show: Lunar Landing Hoax

Richard welcomes a media scientist, researcher to discuss how and why NASA faked the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing on July 22nd, 1969 and all subsequent lunar landings. The theory that the moon landings were hoaxed by the US government to assert their victory in the space race over Russia, is something which has grown in popularity over time. Nelson Thall will present evidence the landings were faked and likely filmed on a soundstage by legendary film director Stanley Kubrick
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