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June 17, 2018

Taxation is Theft
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Former Libertarian Candidate Mary J. Ruwart joins Richard to inform potential voters informs on how to make ethical choices on their personal and financial well-being. Then, an occultist reveals the Angel’s plans to establish a New World Order.
Episode Segments:
The Conspiracy Show: Taxation is Theft
Richard welcomes Mary J. Ruwart , a former Libertarian Candidate who is active in societal ethics with a focus on the political theory and practice of libertarianism. She is also author of an award-winning international best-selling book, Healing Our World, Which informs voters how to make ethical choices on their personal and financial well-being.
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The Conspiracy Show: The Occult Roots of the Modern World
Richard welcomes Jason Louv, a practicing occultist, author, futurist and wizard who has delved into the world of Occulture. He Pieces together Dee’s fragmentary Spirit Diaries and examines Enochian in precise detail and the angels’ plan to establish a New World Order.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Mary Ruwart
Dr. Ruwart was an adjunct Associate Professor of Biology at theUniversity of North Carolina in Charlotte. During that time, she served with the Center for Applied and Professional Ethics, designing a medical research ethics course for the University.

Her Internet column, Ask Dr. Ruwart, is a popular feature of the Advocates for Self-Government “Liberator OnLine” e-zine. Her book, Short Answers to the Tough Question, is based on these and other questions she has received over the years.

Currently, Dr. Ruwart serves as Chair of Liberty International and Secretary of the Foundation for a Free Society. She has been an At-Large member of the Libertarian National Committee , served on the Board of both the Heartland Institute (Michigan Chapter) and the Fully Informed Jury Amendment Association.

Death by Regulation is available through her website.

Jason Louv
JASON LOUV is the author of seven books, includingGeneration Hex, Ultraculture, and Thee Psychick Bible. He runs the high-traffic site and teaches courses on magick and spirituality at He has written for many popular websites, including Boing Boing, VICE News, Motherboard, and Esquire Online. He lives in Los Angeles.

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