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April 24, 2016

Crop Circles Decoded
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Richard welcomes Patty Greer, the crop circle girl who has produced and directed award winning films on the crop circle phenomenon. They will discuss her "contact" experience and the codes she has deciphered in the mathematical formations which may develop into advanced technologies. Then, we go inside Skinwalker Ranch, known as one of the hottest zones in the world for paranormal activity including ufos, poltergeists, Bigfoot-like creatures, inter-dimensional portals, and crypteds.
Episode Segments:
The Conspiracy Show: Crop Circles
Patty Greer is one of the hardest working Crop Circle filmmakers today. She's the film maker who discovered a band of coded communication between two 'Balls of Light' just before they produced a Crop Circle in seconds. This incredible discovery was caught on film THIS is why you are here.
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The Conspiracy Show: The Skinwalker Ranch
ichard welcomes paranormal researcher Marc Coppell who experienced strange encounters at the haunted Utah ranch. They will discuss the answers he obtained from his questioning of non-physical intelligences about what is occurring over there. These close encounters have turned the infamous ranch into a scientific laboratory to study strange phenomenon.

Skinwalker Ranch: Apocalypse Close Encounters is the name of Marc Coppell's new documentary which includes ghostly voices, out-of-place anomalies, interviews with locals, as well as a possible Bigfoot encounter.
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Links to Related Websites:
Patty Greer's Website
Patty Greer has been one of the hardest working female UFO filmmakers to date. Going into the Crop Circle fields day and night for years, she fearlessly produced 6 documentary films in record time on her own. The movie productions began immediately after a “Contact” experience in a 2007 UK Crop Circle.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Marc Coppell
MARC COPPELL is originally from New Zealand (of which he is a dual citizen of New Zealand and the United States) and has lived around the world on sea and land. He is a licensed 'technician class' ham radio operator, certified scuba diver, graphic artist, videographer, photographer, paranormal researcher and investigator, UFO hunter, drone operator, has written a paper on near-death experiences, a newspaper journalist and honor student while he attended Brigham Young University in Hawaii, independent film-maker, and is an amateur aero-space inventor. As a boy, Marc had a keen interest in the space sciences and expressed that to his deputy principal in the school he attended in Auckland, New Zealand. In conversation he said he would like to send something into space.

That has led Marc to be the creator of Black Sky Project, the world’s first prototype near-space balloon solar rocket made mostly from off-of-the-shelf parts and devices that can be purchased on-line. The goal of Black Sky Project is to test a prototype propulsion system to discover if it is possible to use such a craft for high-altitude experiments, observations, and possibly break some altitude records in the process. Potentially it will create a new category of un-manned, near-space craft and may be the first balloon to rocket into space under its own power.

Marc has also been involved in clearing negative energy from several people’s homes, including a doctor and dentist. Having been a victim of (including a poltergeist in New Zealand) supernatural attacks, he has compassion on those dealing with supernatural energies. He is also about helping the lost souls out of their mental prisons if they want or need help.

Marc's Website