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April 07, 2013

Trade Wars, Currency Wars , World Wars
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Richard welcomes the world's leading trends expert to discusses the coming financial collapse and the possibility that the Cypriot crisis will spread to banking institutions worldwide. Then, a bill controlling the types of food we eat was quietly passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama - and you may not have even heard about it.
Episode Segments:
The Conspiracy Show: Currency Wars

Will the Cyprus model of bailing out banks by stealing depositors savings become the new template across Europe? How likely is a financial collapse in North America? Will our government seize our savings in the event of a bank failure? We explore these questions and more with researcher Gerald Celente. Then, reporter Jon Rappoport discusses how the Monsanto Protection act got signed into law.
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The Conspiracy Show: The New World Order and The End of Days

Richard welcomes an author and expert on Freemasonry, End Times Prophecy and Mind Control Dina Rae to discuss how her fictionalized accounts are actually based on today's headlines.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Gerald Celente
Gerald Celente is the founder and director of The Trends Research Institute. He is trend expert, visionary, keynote speaker, and is trusted worldwide as the foremost authority on forecasting, analyzing and tracking trends. Celente is publisher of the Trends Journal and author of Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking.

The Trends Journal

Dina Rae
Dina Rae is a new author here to stay. As a former teacher, she brings an academic element to her work. Her three novels, Halo of the Damned, The Last Degree, and Bad Juju weave research and suspense throughout the plots. Her short story, Be Paranoid Be Prepared, is a prequel of sorts to The Last Degree, focusing on the James Martin character. Dina has just completed her fourth novel, Halo of the Nephilim, that will be released in the spring of 2013. Dina lives with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs outside of Chicago. She is a Christian, an avid tennis player, movie buff, and self-proclaimed expert on several conspiracy theories. She has been interviewed numerous times in e-zines, websites, blogs, newspapers, and radio programs. When she is not writing she is reading novels from her favorite authors Dan Brown, Anne Rice, Stephen King, Brad Thor, George R.R. Martin, and Preston & Childs.

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