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March 06, 2016

Stop Psychotherapy takeover
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There are some potentially troubling changes coming to the way in which non-theraputic medical practices, including various forms of psychotherapy, will be regulated. Learn what you need to know about Ontario’s dangerous new legislation from Stop Psychotherapy Takeover founder Grace Joubarne. Then, a discussion on the mind/body health connection with Dr. Lana Marconi and Dr.Sabina DeVita.
Episode Segments:
The Conspiracy Show: Stop Psychotherapy Takeover
Richard welcomes Grace Joubarne, a holistic health practioner and the co-founder of the Stop Psychotherapy organization to the program. In Ontario – the Psychotherapy Act – was proclaimed without notice on April 1st, 2015 thus alternative and natural therapies may be outlawed by Government decree.
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The Conspiracy Show: The Wellness Story
Richard welcomes documentary filmmaker and holistic health practioner Dr. Lana Marconi back to the program, along with doctor of complementary health practices Sabina DeVita. They will discuss the mind body health connection, how disease is related to consciousness, the subtle energy field that surrounds the body (auras) and the benefits of essential oils.
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Stop Psychotherapy Takeover
At a time when people by the millions are abandoning conventional treatments for emotional, mental and physical issues of life in favor of dignified, effective alternatives and holistic education, the ability of Ontario practitioners to lawfully offer alternative and natural therapies such as hypnotherapy, counseling, EFT, NLP, natural nutrition and spiritual ministering as well as holistic education may end in early 2015 if serious action is not immediately undertaken.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Grace Joubarne
Grace Joubarne became involved in Clinical Hypnotherapy and hypnosis, cognitive behavior therapy, solution-focused and client-focused therapy, and counseling, by travelling the emotional, mental, physical and educational road to wellness and peace from a childhood of hardship, reaching her rightful destination … happiness and contentment.

Today Grace is relentlessly pursuing her goal that everyone willing to heal themselves be afforded the experience of medical hypnotherapy and hypnosis treatment by a clinical hypnotherapist. Her dedication and experience offers people of all walks of life a healthy alternative to psychiatric treatments for mental illness … drug-free and long talk therapy-free. When undertaken with a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, medical hypnotherapy and hypnosis (and particularly regression hypnotherapy, which involves root-cause work) is a life-saving, healing modality that uses, as one of it’s most important tools, hypnosis. Grace offers years of experience and competency at her Ottawa hypnosis and hypnotherapy treatment centre, as well as in her Belleville hypnotherapy treatment centre.

Graceplace Wellness

Sabina DeVita
Sabina M. DeVita, Ed.D., N.N.C.P., IPSP, CBP has been a long time environmentalist, educator, humanitarian & practitioner. When she became ill in the 1980’s, with environmental sensitivities, also known as ecological illness or multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), she was forced to change her life path dramatically. She experienced many ill effects physically, mentally and emotionally from environmental and chemical toxicities.

er journey to wellness became her life path to helping others where she pursued a career in the healing arts. Sabina has been in private practice for close to 30 years as an eclectic energy psychotherapist/psychologist, registered nutritionist, doctor of natural medicine and specialized in Energy Kinesiology’s.

She founded the DeVita Wellness Institute of Living and Learning, as well as, the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies- a federally recognized wellness institute. Prior to her doctoral work, she was an educator for many years in the public education system as well as a Guidance counselor of five years in an inner city school assisting troubled & disadvantaged children, along with counseling parents and teachers. Her role entailed many responsibilities in resolving behavioral, learning and emotional issues as those faced today with (ADD, ADHD children).

More about Dr. DeVita

Lana Marconi

Lana Marconi writes, produces and hosts healthy living television shows on Rogers TV. She also produces independent interviews. She has authored several books on healthy living that have been featured in bookstores such as Chapters and Indigo. One of her stories was included in the Wake Up And Live The Life You Love series with Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer which was a Barnes & Noble bestselling book. She has been a published writer in Canada’s Vitality Magazine and Energy Works Magazine.