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February 26, 2017

Truth in Journalism
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Richard welcomes JPat Brown, Executive Editor of MuckRock, where he helps people file public records requests and then writes about the amazing things that come out of them. Recently, the CIA released a treasure trove of information about projects like Star Gate and MK Ultra. JPat will talk about that and other amazing things they uncovered. Then, a home builder will talk about how you can make your home greener and healthier.
Episode Segments:
The Conspiracy Show: Truth in Journalism
Richard welcomes Jpat Brown, the lead journalist behind the CIA release of millions of previously classified documents. The CREST treasure trove includes data on the CIA working with Psychic Spies in overthrowing foreign governments through the secret ‘Star Gate’ telepathy project, as well as the infamous MK-Ultra project, dubbed the CIA mind control program. Their FOIA requests led to transparency in the United States Government that news makers and opinion leaders are still pouring over to digest its profound impact on history.
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The Conspiracy Show: Healthy Green Homes
Richard welcomes Scott Harris, a interior design, architecture and building/construction expert who is a crusader in eco friendly homes. They will discuss what people can do to make their home healthier. Ingenious design tips, eco friendly/money saving tips to make homes more ecologically green and healthier to live in! And how he took on the “Begley challenge” where he not only met expectations, but surpassed them!
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
JPat Brown
JPat Brown is Executive Editor of the website Muckrock. He is a graduate of Bowdoin College, the former Editor-in-Chief of the alt-weekly DigBoston, the author of a really stupid book about owls, and at one point ran a computer lab in a church basement. He's been published in the Boston Herald, had his public records work written about in Newsweek and the New York Times, and wrote a thing that Jerry Seinfeld read out loud in a funny voice on The Daily Show. You can follow him on twitter at @resentfultweet


Scott Harris
SCOTT HARRIS is one of LA’s foremost building (general) contractors and “go to” experts for residential and commercial properties, specializing in environmental (“green”), renovation, deconstruction, reconstruction, restoration and innovation. Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Building Construction Group and Co-Founder with Wm. R. Hefner (AIA), the company is a favorite among a long list of clientele including billionaires and celebrities (i.e., Paul Allen, Taio Cruz, Kevin James, Kevin Costner, John Paul DeJoria, Neil Patrick Harris, the Sultan of Brunel, Savoy Hotel-London, LA’s AOC restaurant, San Francisco’s Saint Francis Hotel, Restaurants for Gordon Ramsay, Ed Begley Jr.), creating elite and jaw-dropping crème de la crème estates.

A Los Angeles NATIVE and RESIDENT of the San Fernando Valley (Encino), Scott is one of the industry’s noted “triple threat” (interior design, architecture and building/construction) “go-to” experts and the builder of actor/environmentalist, ED BEGLEY JR.’s new certified LEED PLATINUM home — as well as many other celebrities.

A true success story — how Scott overcame substantial obstacles in his life (extreme financial hardship and more) from his childhood into his twenties, but he forged ahead and is now living his dream.

Scott's vision, creativity and mission reaches farther than mere construction. From the heart of a family man, Scott says, “Our goals extend well beyond building the next estate, they project toward building relationships and a respectable, honorable future and environment for our family’s generations to come."Believing in giving back to the community, Scott serves as Green Wish Foundation’s board of directors President -- an ecology organization that helps to support other “green” groups.

Scott Harris is the general contractor/builder of Ed Begley Jr.’s LEED Platinum home and other multi-million $ projects. It’s fascinating how it was built to incorporate all the hidden ecological devices and necessities. There’s more that goes into construction than people realize, especially regarding a home such as the Begley’s LEED Platinum house. The logistics, the challenges, the process…making lives healthier too and Scott is the one who put it all together.

The Begley house is now officially certified LEED PLATINUM by USGBC — United States Green Building Counsel, which is VERY difficult to qualify for. It’s one of the “greenest” homes in the USA! They are the group that created a rating system for builders and an educational path in which they give various levels of a creation. The acronym they use is LEED which stands forLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This organization has a point system for things such as making sure that all materials used were locally sourced and many other items. If you can collect close to 100 points, you can obtain the rare and coveted platinum level, which Scott and his company just did!.

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