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January 13, 2013

A Prophet's View of the New Year
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Canada's Sleeping Prophet, Dr. Douglas James Cottrell places himself in a deep meditative trance, and give listeners his visions of what's to come in the New Year. Also - a paranormal researcher says instances of dopplegangers is on the rise, and the healing power of the human voice explained.
Episode Segments:
The Conspiracy Show: The Sleeping Prophet's Predictions for 2013

Internationally renowned remote viewer and intuitive Dr. Douglas James Cottrell places himself in a Deep Meditative Trance live on the air. His 'Soul Mind' will then make predictions for the year ahead based on questions posed by callers to the show.
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The Conspiracy Show: Dopplegangers

Richard speaks with paranormal researcher Rosemary Ellen Guilley about the strange phenomenon known as 'dopplegangers. She says, appearances of doppelgangers – the exact duplicate of a living person – may be on the upswing. Then, Sharry Edwards is the director of the Institute BioAcoustic Biology in Albany, OH. She is a pioneer in the study of Human BioAcoustic Biology, and will explain how the human voice and other associated frequencies can help resolve health issues such as macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis, headaches, muscle stress, brain trauma, weight issues and nutritional concerns.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Douglas James Cottrell
Douglas James Cottrell, Ph.D. is best known as a trance clairvoyant (or psychic). He is a spiritual healer, teacher and published author. He holds a doctorate in Therapeutic Counseling. He demonstrates many abilities studied by Noetic Sciences, including telepathy, telekinesis, remote viewing, prediction, and prophecy. He is one of a select few able to demonstrate all of these abilities, and even fewer who are considered a reliable information source. Dr Douglas’s Deep Trance Meditation (DTM) style is often compared to that of Edgar Cayce, one of the most documented medical intuitives of the twentieth century. Douglas has been variously called a mystic, seer, “The Man With the X-ray Eyes,” and “the last of the sleeping prophets” (i.e. Andrew Jackson Davis, Edgar Cayce, Ross Peterson, and Paul Solomon). Dr Douglas has counselled people the world over, from all walks of life, including doctors, researchers, judges, CEOs, politicians, teachers, writers, producers, artists, members of the clergy, members of the military, law enforecement personnel, and even those in the entertainment industry. Some of his more well-known clients include George Carlin (comedian), Joyce DeWitt (actor), Princess Amanda Borghese (business owner), Countess Helen de Silaghi (artist), and Gina Cerminara (author).

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Sharry Edwards
Sharry Edwards™ is the pioneer in the study of Human BioAcoustic Biology. Her 30 years of research is being used at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany, OH. Currently, Edwards and her team at Sound Health are using human voice and the associated frequencies to help clients resolve health issues such as: macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis, headaches, muscle stress, brain trauma, weight issues and nutritional concerns. The technology she brings to the stage is cutting edge! This technology can identify health and well-being possibilities that you have never encountered. Sharry Edwards' work is now included in The Duke University Encyclopedia of New Medicine, by Leonard A. Wisnecki and The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine, by Lucy Anderson. The effects of BioAcoustic Biology, now accepted by these prestigious medical encyclopedias, have unlimited health and wellness potential. According to Edwards, "BioAcoustics Voice Spectral Analysis can detect hidden or underlying stresses in the body that are expressed as disease." The vocal print can identify toxins, pathogens and nutritional supplements that are too low or too high. In addition, vocal print can be used to match the most compatible treatment remedy to each client. The introduction of the proper low frequency sound to the body, indicated through voice analysis, has been shown to control: pain, body temperature, heart rhythm, and blood pressure. It has also been shown to regenerate body tissue, and alleviate the symptoms of many diseases (in some cases, even those considered to be incurable).

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