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January 11, 2015

The Ordo Lapsit Exillis
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Richard welcomes an author and researcher about her 13 -year adventure into the supernatural, following mysteries given to her and her team from beyond the veil. Plus, what 2015 has in store and the paranormal news round up.
Episode Segments:
The Conspiracy Show: The Ordo Lapsit Exillis

Author Tracy R. Twyman discusses her 13 year journey into the supernatural. Her most well known books include "The Merovingian Mythos", "Solomon’s Treasure", and "Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge". Her latest book is "Clock Shavings."
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The Conspiracy Show: Trends Research

Gerald Celente, one of the world's leading trend forecasters discusses what lies ahead for 2015 in the fields of geo-politics, economics and technology. Then, Rosemary Ellen Guiley joins the show for our monthly paranormal news update.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Tracy Twyman
Tracy R. Twyman is an American non-fiction author, born on August 28, 1978 in Kansas City, Missouri. She writes about esoteric history. Her most well-known books include The Merovingian Mythos, Solomon’s Treasure, and Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge. Before writing books, she made a name for herself as the Editor and Publisher of a highly unique magazine entitled Dagobert’s Revenge, which was published from 1996 to 2003.

She has appeared on several radio shows, television shows, and film documentaries. Most notably, she has been interviewed on National Geographic’s “Is It Real: Da Vinci’s Code” (2006), “Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory” (2012), and the documentary film Bloodline (2008). She is a regular on the national radio show Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, and has appeared repeatedly on Coast to Coast AM, as well as many other programs.

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Gerald Celente
Gerald is the founder and director of The Trends Research Institute. He is a trend expert, visionary, keynote speaker, and is trusted worldwide as the foremost authority on forecasting, analyzing and tracking trends. Celente is publisher of the Trends Journal and author of Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking.

Trends Research