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July 07, 2012

Top Secret
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Richard welcomes an author and researcher to discuss how and why government agencies have, for decades, taken a clandestine and profound interest in numerous archeological, historical, and religious puzzles. Then - Richard and a panel of UFO researchers discuss recent claims made by a senior CIA official about the Roswell UFO Crash incident in July 1947.
Episode Segments:
What the Government Doesn't Want You to Know

Nick Redfern reveals details about the CIA's top-secret files on Noah's Ark, and U.S. Army documents positing that the Egyptian Pyramids were constructed via levitation. He'll also detail disturbing military encounters with Middle Eastern djinns, claims of nuclear warfare in ancient India and links between the Face on Mars and the pharaohs.
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The Roswell Cover Up

Richard and a panel of UFO researchers discuss recent claims made by a senior CIA official about the Roswell UFO Crash incident in July 1947, during which the US military is widely believed to have retrieved extraterrestrial materials and bodies after a mysterious object crashed in the desert of New Mexico.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Nick Redfern
Nick Redfern is the author of more than 20 books, including The NASA Conspiracies, The Real men in Black, Keep Out!, and Contactees. His latest is The Pyramids and The Pentagon; The Government's Top Secret Pursuit of Mystical Relics, Ancient Astronauts and Lost Civilizations

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Victor Viggiani
Victor is Executive Director of Zland News Network, and a longtime, Canadian ufologist. Victor's research and analysis of anomalous aerial phenomenon spans over 30 years. His experience involves UFO sightings report investigation, counseling work with individuals reporting anomalous experiences, presentations and journalism in the field of ETI Disclosure issues. Extensive UFO research has been completed throughout the South Western U.S.A. in locations such as Groom Lake Nevada, Corona, Roswell, Socorro, The Very Large Array Telescope, White Sands, Los Alamos NL and Dulce in New Mexico and in South and North Eastern Australia. His published work includes: "Area 51: A Desert Journey," "Alien Abduction Symposium Boston Mass: A Review of Alien Abduction Dialogue Between Dr. John Mack and Budd Hopkins," "Disclosure: A Terrestrial Imperative," 

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Robbie Graham
Robbie Graham is is a doctoral candidate at the University of Bristol for a PhD examining Hollywood’s historical representations of UFOs and potential extraterrestrial life. As a freelance writer and lecturer his work emphasis the industrial, cultural and political processes by which Hollywood’s UFO movie content is shaped, as well the impact of these movies on popular perceptions of the UFO phenomenon.

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Grant Cameron
Grant Cameron became involved in Ufology as the Vietnam War ended in May 1975 with personal sightings of an object which locally became known as Charlie Red Star. The sightings occurred in Carman, Manitoba about 25 miles north of the Canada-US border. Hundreds of other people sighted objects at the same time during a prolonged flap of sightings. In the past few years Cameron
has turned his research interests to the involvement and actions of the President of the United States in the UFO problem. He has made 25+ tripsto the National Archives and most of the various Presidential archives looking for presidential UFO material. One highlight his presidential UFO research was the chance to question Vice-president Dick Cheney on his knowledge of the UFO subject. Another highlight of the presidential UFO research was a FOIA to the White House Office of Science and Technology which yielded 1,000 pages of UFO documents from the Clinton administration. Many of these findings have been written up on The Presidents UFO Website

Presidential UFO website