Friday • May 24
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The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice
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What does it really take to become a successful entrepreneur? Just ask those who have succeeded. 'The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice' is author Kip Marlow’s inspiring new book that gathers the success stories of small business owners who have transformed small businesses into highly lucrative enterprises through vision, persistence, and plenty of sweat.
Episode Segments:
Clarity from Chaos: Kip Marlow

Now more than ever, start-up companies are the key to a robust American economy. Kip Marlow has gathered the stories of successful small businessmen in his new book The Entrepreneurs. He talks about some of the challenges that small businesses are facing in this economy, and the factors that are holding them back.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Kip Marlow
Author Kip Marlow tried his hand in the corporate world and failed. He then became an entrepreneur, founding Marlow Surgical Technologies, a company that marketed surgical instrumentation, some proprietary, for gynecology. After operating it for twenty-two years, Kip sold it to a NYSE company and retired. When he realized that retirement was boring, he re-entered the professional world, counseling and mentoring young entrepreneurs. This led to the launch of his radio show, “Entrepreneurs Club Radio” (, for which he interviewed hundreds of successful small business owners. This led to authoring of the book, The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice. Recently, Kip was named as one of the Top 100 Champion Small Business Influencers by Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends, a prestigious award given to 100 people in the United States who are advocates for small business and entrepreneurship. He is going to talk about the lessons he learned while being an entrepreneur, the good, the bad and the ugly, and share the lessons learned by his many guests on the radio show. He is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and loves minor league baseball, the Civil War, and reading business books. The author has three sons, seven grandchildren, and lives in Willoughby, Ohio with his wife Sallie.

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