Friday • June 14
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Making Sense of the Mortgage Mess
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Banks and lenders made it easy for people to afford a home with no equity. Now the housing market is going belly-up. Will things get better before they get worse? An expert weighs in. Plus In the latest list of most reliable cars, some popular Toyota models were missing from the list for once. So which cars can you count on? Find out directly from Consumer Reports.
Episode Segments:
The Mortgage Mess
Due to the state of the housing market, and ARM loans coming due, Treasury Secretary Paulson sees almost one million foreclosures ahead. But is that a conservative estimate? Paul Leuken, President of the Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals weighs in on how things got so bad on the housing front.
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Advice for the Buyer and Seller
Paul Leuken has advice for potential buyers looking to get maximum value for their dollar, and sellers hoping to get the maximum dollar amount for their homes.
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Finding a Bargain in Todays Market
Paul Leuken has a warning for all buyers looking to buy a home for investment purposes. He also shares advice for first-time buyers, and accesses home values in todays down market.
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Consumer Reports List of Most Reliable Cars
In their most recent list of most reliable cars, many popular Toyota models didnt make the cut and that has cut into their sales. Cliff Weathers, Deputy Automobile Editor of Consumer Reports explains how they compile their annual list, and what problems caused Toyota to drop off in quality.
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Which Brands are Reliable?
Cliff and Dave discuss which carmakers are making great strides in reliability, including Ford, Kia and Hyundai, and if Chinese cars have a chance of succeeding in the US.
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The Future of Automotive Technology
Dave and Cliff discuss the reliability of hybrid vehicles, and what the future holds for automakers in fuel-efficient technology, including a return to diesel fuel by Volkswagen and others.
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