Saturday • April 20
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How to Fix our Broken Constitution
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Youve heard the adage If it aint broke, dont fix it? Well Dave talks with an author and political analyst who thinks the US Constitution is broke, and has the ways to fix it. Plus marketing expert Patricia Martin says we're living on the edge of a major cultural renaissance, and she explains what it means for us as Americans and consumers.
Episode Segments:
A More Perfect Constitution
Larry Sabato, author of A More Perfect Constitution: 23 Proposals to Revitalize Our Constitution and Make America a Fairer Country, is Daves guest, and they discuss the reasons why the Constitution needs to be updated for a new age.
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Outlining the Changes
Larry Sabado discusses some of his 23 Constitution changing proposals, including increasing the size of the Supreme Court, Senate and House of Representatives, and altering term limits for all branches of government.
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Serving our Nation
Larry Sabado reveals more of his proposed changes to the Constitution, including mandatory US service for all Americans, and curbing the war powers of the Presidency.
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RenGen: Renaissance Generation
Dave is joined by Patricia Martin, marketing expert and author of RenGen: Renaissance Generation. She's convinced that Americans are on the brink of a major cultural renaissance, fueled by the massive increase of information available via the Internet. She explains how the high-tech convergence of art, entertainment, education, and business is affecting everything from our spirituality to our individuality.
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The Power of the Computer
Dave and Patricia continue their conversation on our Renaissance Generation, and how computers and the internet are changing advertising and sales trends, political activism and spurring on cultural change.
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Computers and Baby Boomers
Dave and Patricia discuss how the Renaissance Generation is powering our economy, making Americans more innovative, and how the baby boomers could possibly use this cultural renaissance to reinvent the way we look retirement, and even death.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Patricia Martin
Patricia Martin is president of LitLamp Communications Group and one of the nation's foremost authorities on the rising marketplace created by the convergence of art, entertainment, education, and business. Her clients include Discovery Channel, BankNorth, Unisys, MCI, Sun Microsystems, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the New York Philharmonic. In 1994, she partnered with the Microsoft Corporation to build the blueprint for what is now the Gates Library Foundation. Martin has been featured for innovative work in marketing in the Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Reporter, Harvard Business Review, and BrandWeek magazine. She lives in Chicago.

Larry Sabato
The founder and director of the renowned Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, Larry J. Sabato has been called “the Dr. Phil of American politics.” He has appeared on every national television and radio program, including 60 Minutes, the Today Show, Hardball, The O'Reilly Factor, and Nightline. A Rhodes scholar, he received his doctorate in politics from Oxford, and has been on the faculty of UVA since 1978. He is the author of countless articles and some twenty books, including Feeding Frenzy: Attack Journalism & American Politics, The Rise of Political Consultants: New Ways of Winning Elections, and most recently The Sixth Year Itch: The Rise and Fall of George W. Bush’s Presidency, and he co-anchored the BBC’s coverage of the 2006 election. In 2002, the University of Virginia gave him its highest honor, the Thomas Jefferson Award, given annually to one person since 1955.

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