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The Foreign Policy Problem of Pakistan
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The US is in the midst of another foreign policy dilemma - do we support Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf because what he can allegedly do for us, or do we drop our support and invite possible civil anarchy? Middle East Expert Dr. Walid Phares puts some perspective on the Pakistan problem. Plus Bottoms up! Dave discusses the booming business of spirits with author Noah Rothbaum and Glenlivet Brand Ambassador Richard Crawford.
Episode Segments:
Should We Support Pakistan?
Dave welcomes Dr. Walid Phares, author and senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, who outlines what is going on right now in Pakistan - How did General Musharraf come to power, who are the main players in the current struggle, and are Pakistanis living in a democracy or dictatorship.
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Pakistan - Whats in it for George Bush and America?
Dave and Dr. Phares discuss the attitude in Washington over what is happening in Pakistan. Is it considered the hottest trouble spot in the world right now, and if we continue to back General Musharraf, are we looking at another Shah of Iran situation.
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Can You Have a Democracy and Martial Law?
Dave and Dr. Phares continue their analysis of the political climate of Pakistan - Is it possible to have general elections if you have martial law? Is President Musharraf even telling the truth about having elections? And most importantly - Can a Democracy and Jihadists coexist?
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The Business of Spirits
Noah Rothbaum, author of The Business of Spirits joins Dave to talk about the sudden and dramatic rise in popularity of spirits, gives a history of the cocktail - then and now - and why it is experiencing a rebirth.
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The Explosion of Single Malt
Dave and Noah discuss the sudden demand of brown whiskey, and how some distilleries are coping with the sudden demand for their spirits. Plus - the popularity of vodka and expensive bourbons.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Walid Phares
Dr. Phares is a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies where he focuses on Middle East history and politics, global terrorist movements, democratization and human rights. Dr. Phares also leads the foundation's Future of Terrorism Project, which considers how the Jihadi-Islamist threat will mutate over time and what can be done to defend against new, more deadly strains of terrorism. Dr. Phares is the author of nine books on terrorism and the Middle East, serves as a Fox News Channel Middle East Contributor, and writes frequently for academic publications and newspapers. He holds degrees in law and political science from Saint Joseph and the Lebanese Universities in Beirut, a Masters in international law from the Universite de Lyons in France, and a Ph.D. in international relations and strategic studies from the University of Miami in the United States.

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