Wednesday • February 28
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Overworked America
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All work and no play? The sad truth is thats the mantra of most Americans these days. Theres a very fine line between hard work and overwork, and most people may not even realiz that theyve crossed it. Diane Fassel is author of Working Ourselves to Death, and she believes work addicts dont always necessarily get ahead, and balance in your life is the key to success. Then - How have Evangelical Christians reached such a pinnacle of power in such a short time? Author D. Michael Lindsay has the real story behind he ascension of Evangelicals in America.
Episode Segments:
Working Ourselves to Death
Diane Fassel, author of Working Ourselves to Death, joins Dave to discuss the problem of overwork in our country; how technology has sped up our life, but also increased expectations, and why Workaholism is an accepted addiction in our society. Plus - some surprising answers to worker surveys and what exactly is karoshi, and should we be worried about it?
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Combating Workaholism
Why is the American worker so hesitant to take a vacation, or even a sick day? Dave and Diane discuss the reasons why, and how exactly we got to this point. Plus - a look at Workaholism now and then, and why the Millennial Generations attitudes towards work may be a good thing.
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Finding the Balance
Can you cut back on your hours, and not cut into the lifestyle your lifestyle. Diane Fassel has the answer in the final part of her conversation with Dave, along with the real causes of Workaholism, and the keys to finding satisfaction at work.
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Faith in the Halls of Power
D. Michael Lindsay, author of Faith in the Halls of Power joins Dave to discuss his book, and to give his insight on Evangelicals in America. Find out the difference between and Evangelical and a Fundamentalist, how being saved effects their views, and the differences between populist and cosmopolitan evangelicals.
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Evangelicals: Perception versus Reality
D. Michael Lindsay explains how the pan-denominational Evangelical faith is continuing to grow, and has reached out as far as Wall Street, Hollywood, and even the White House, how it is pushing America back to its religious roots, and why Evangelicals need to be careful to practice what they preach.
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Faith In The Halls Of Power
Evangelicals, once at the periphery of American life, now wield power in the White House and on Wall Street, at Harvard and in Hollywood. How have they reached the pinnacles of power in such a short time? And what does this mean for evangelicals - and for America? Faith in the Halls of Power takes us inside the rarified world of the evangelical elite- beyond the hysterical panic and chest-thumping pride - to give us the real story behind the evangelical ascendancy in America. Named one of the best Books of 2007 by Publishers Weekly.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Diane Fassel
Diane is President and Chief Executive Officer of Newmeasures, which develops and administers simple, reliable surveys that help companies improve employee satisfaction and organizational effectiveness. She is an organizational consultant, mediator, speaker and author of three books, including the best sellers The Addictive Organization and Working Ourselves to Death. She has worked with a wide variety of companies to increase organizational effectiveness and manage change. Diane has an M.A. from Harvard and a Ph.D. in Organizational Development from the Union Institute.

D. Michael Lindsay
D. MICHAEL LINDSAY is a member of the sociology faculty at Rice University where he is also the Faculty Associate of Leadership Rice and Assistant Director of the Center on Race, Religion, and Urban Life. He is the author of two books, both with George Gallup, Jr., and has written many scholarly and popular essays. He has received several awards for his writing, teaching, and speaking and writes a regular column for Rev! Magazine. Dr. Lindsay earned his Ph.D. in sociology at Princeton University, where he was named a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow in 2002 and the Harold W. Dodds Fellow in 2004. He also received the 2003 Outstanding Teaching Award—the university’s highest award for graduate student teaching—from Princeton’s Graduate School and the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni.

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