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Stepping on the Scale and Baseball's Juiced Players
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Do men and women think of weight differently? Do overweight men and overweight women think alike about weight? Barbara Rolls is a nutrition, hunger and obesity researcher, and co-author of The Volumetrics Eating Plan, and she weighs in on the differing attitudes on weight for men and women. Then - the Mitchell Report on steroid use in Major League Baseball is out So now what? Dave debates the topic in a roundtable discussion with Rice University professor of sports management Jason Sosa, former major leaguer Jimmy Piersall, and Chicago sports radio host Mike Murphy.
Episode Segments:
Diet is a Four-Letter Word
Dave is joined by Dr. Barbara Rolls, co-author of The Volumetrics Eating Plan. They discuss the negative connotations of the word diet, why people have a tendency to eat everything put in front of them, and how you can bulk out your portions in a healthy way with vegetables.
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Men versus Women in Controlling Weight
Dave and Barbara talk about some formal weight loss programs that are now targeting men, why men need to be motivated more to lose weight, and the correlation between obesity and economics. Plus - Barbara has some successful and proven practices for shedding those extra pounds.
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Whatever Happened to Phys Ed?
Dave and Barbara discuss the rise in obesity rates among children and the reasons behind it. Plus - the benefits of muscle versus fat, why being underweight can be unhealthy and an explanation of calorie density.
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From National Pastime to National Disgrace
Dave welcomes Rice University professor of sports management Jason Sosa, former major leaguer Jimmy Piersall, and Chicago sports radio host Mike Murphy for a discussion on the release of the Mitchell Report, and the impact it has on Major League Baseball, its players and its fans.
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As their roundtable continues, Dave, Jimmy, Mike and Jason talk about HGH - since theres no test for it, how do you punish players for using it? Plus - how do you handle the future Hall of Famers who were named in the report? Should Cooperstown add a few new wings?
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Whos on First?
Now that the report is out, who has to take the fall as MLBs sacrificial lamb? Bud Selig? Roger Clemens? Donald Fehr? Each of the panel members offer their thoughts.
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The Volumetrics Eating Plan
From Dr. Barbara Rolls, one of America's leading authorities on weight management, comes a much-anticipated lifestyle guide and cookbook that empowers and encourages her readers to quit "dieting" for good, to feel full on fewer calories, and to lose weight and keep it off while eating satisfying portions of delicious, nutritious foods. The Volumetrics Eating Plan doesn't eliminate food groups or overload you with rules. It's a commonsense approach to eating based on Dr. Rolls's hugely popular Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan and her respected research on satiety that shows you how to choose foods that control hunger while losing weight.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Jimmy Piersall
Jimmy broke into the majors on September 7, 1950 with the Boston Red Sox. In 1952, Jimmy suffered a well publicized nervous breakdown which he later wrote about in his book Fear Strikes Out. The book was later turned into a film of the same name. Jimmy made his comeback in 1953. Unfortunately, some fans were not kind to Jimmy and would taunt him about his illness. With his new found sense of self, Jimmy would shrug the jeers off and say "Give 'em their money's worth." Jimmy retired from baseball as a member of the California Angels on May 1, 1967. In 1977, Jimmy was hired by the Chicago White Sox as a broadcaster and was teamed with Harry Caray. In 1983, Jimmy was finally fired after being critical of White Sox management on the air. Knowing that old age is no time to change horses, Piersall continued his rants on a popular Chicago sports talk radio station for 14 years.

Barbara Rolls
Barbara J. Rolls is the endowed Guthrie Chair in Nutritional Sciences at The Pennsylvania State University. A veteran nutrition researcher, Dr. Rolls has focused on the study of hunger and obesity for more than 20 years. Her research interests include the controls of food and fluid intake, especially as they relate to obesity, eating disorders, and aging. Dr. Rolls went to Penn State in 1992 as a Professor of Biobehavioral Health and most recently as Professor of Nutritional Sciences, occupying the Guthrie Chair in Nutritional Sciences since 1994. Prior to joining the faculty at Penn State, Dr. Rolls was at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where she was Professor of Psychiatry. Dr. Rolls received her Masters Degree at the University of Oxford and her Doctorate in physiology from the University of Cambridge, England.