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Turbulence in the Airline Industry
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Once upon a time, we looked forward to flying from Point A to Point B. But thanks to things like deregulation, soaring gas prices, and airline surcharges, the friendly skies arent so friendly anymore. Well take a look at the state of the industry with a travel columnist, and find out from an expert that you can still get a great travel bargain if you know where to look. Then well take a look at the Spitzer Syndrome. What drives powerful men to cheat on their wives and what drives their wives to stay with them.
Episode Segments:
The Up-in-the-air State of the Airline Industry
David Armstrong, business and leisure travel columnist for aviaton.com, discusses the current state of the airline industry. He says there are lots of problems, but no solutions in sight. Things are cheaper, but not necessarily better. The big carriers are hurting, and the smaller carriers should take advantage.
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The Airline Industry's Lack of Vision
David Armstrong discusses the lack of progression in the industry; outside of Richard Branson, there are no mavericks, and the bureaucrats running things have made the industry stagnant. He also offers tips for bumped travelers, and shares his complaint commandments when dealing with airlines.
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Travel for the Non-Elite
SmarterTravel.coms Anne Banas joins Dave, and she says even with airlines trying to nickel and dime the consumer, cheap travel is still out there if you know where to look. She has tips on sites to check out, and the best way to find cheap airfare. She also shares some great destinations for under $500, and the best way to fly coach.
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The Spitzer Syndrome
Thanks to the media, we all know what Elliott Spitzer did. But with a loving wife and family, the question remains WHY did he do it? Dave looks for answers with Frank Farley, Professor of educational psychology at Temple University. Frank believes that politics attracts a certain type of personality; risk-takers and thrill-seekers that would be prone to this type of behavior, and it may be a price we have to pay with some of our elected officials.
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The Spitzer Syndrome Part Two
Dave and Professor Farley speculate on what may drive men like Elliot Spitzer and Bill Clinton to stray. Was it a lack of sexual attention from their wives, or is it something rooted deeper inside their personalities that drive them?
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The Spitzer Syndrome - Forgiving the Betrayal
What compels women to stay with their husbands after they have been unfaithful? Dave gets some insight from Anne Bercht, author of My Husband's Affair Became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to me. After 18 years of marriage, Anne found out her husband was having an affair. And she shares her emotions and motives for standing by her man.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
David Armstrong
San Francisco Bay Area journalist and frequent flier David Armstrong writes about business and leisure travel. He covers airlines and airports from a consumer's perspective, and writes about hotels, resorts, spas and travel destinations for a variety of media outlets. He was the aviation reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle for seven years and is a former arts critic and feature writer for the San Francisco Examiner.

David's Blog

Anne Banas
Executive Editor Anne Banas has been with SmarterTravel.com since May 2000, editing and planning consumer-related travel advice content and managing the staff's editorial calendar. Most recently, she has directed the creation of SmarterTravel.com's destination Travel Guides. Anne is an active member of the Society of American Travel Writers. Since April 2004, Anne has authored a regular travel column, Escapes Under $500, in which she travels to a specific destination with a specific budget.Columns appear monthly on SmarterTravel.com, and on USAToday.com through a syndication agreement. Anne has a personal interest in local cuisine and culture, and her travel experience includes the Caribbean, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Latin America, and Alaska. She has also planned regional getaways throughout the United States and Canada. Anne received her undergraduate degree from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, and studied abroad at Trinity College, Oxford University.


Anne Bercht
Born in Northern England, raised between Chicago, Illinois and Copenhagen, Denmark, Anne Bercht is a well-traveled, dynamic and courageous woman. Together with her husband, Brian, she spent twelve years as his active business partner growing a commercial cabinet manufacturing firm from the ground up. Having experienced first hand the pain of growing up in a broken home, Anne has been passionate about fulfilling marriage relationships and parenting. She is also an experienced and accomplished speaker, teacher and small group facilitator. In addition to speaking about relationships and family, she has been involved with the marketing and delivery of business leadership seminars. She currently resides with her husband and three children in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, where she writes articles, hosts a Web site and runs a support group on a volunteer basis for individuals recovering from extramarital affairs.

Anne's Website

Frank Farley
Frank Farley is the Laura H. Carnell Professor of Educational Psychology Psychological Studies in Education at Temple University. Frank is an internationally recognized authority in psychology and human behavior. He is the former president of American Psychological Association (160,000 members). Frank has shared his expertise in a wide array of media outlets. , including Time, Newsweek, U.S. News, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Week, Today Show, 20/20, Good Morning America, 48 Hours, CNN, FOX, PBS Newshour, Discovery, A & E, NPR, and others. Frank earned his B. A. in General Arts and his M. A. in Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan, and has a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of London.