Saturday • June 22
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A Look at America in Black and White
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Presidential hopeful Barack Obama says he wants to begin a fresh discussion about a color blind America. But is America ready for a new racial dialog? And is race an advantage or a liability to Obama’s campaign? Two experts on race relations weigh in on this issue. Then – we try to provide our children with everything we can. ut how do we handling things when our child is going through a divorce?
Episode Segments:
The Obama Bargain
Shelby Steele is the Robert J. and Marion E. Oster Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. His recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal raised some new questions about Obama. Here he explains why he is cynical about Obamas thoughts on race, discusses the difference between the bargainers and challengers among prominent African-Americans, talks about some up-and-comers who are breaking the mold of identity politics, and speculates if Reverend Wright will end up being Obamas Achilles Heel.
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The Need for a Meaningful Dialog
John H. McWhorter is a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and writes and comments extensively on race, ethnicity and cultural issues. HE believes a new dialog is on race is not needed in America, and time will heal all wounds. He also says that Reverend Wright is a just echoing the sentiments felt by many of his generation, and offers some interesting insight on Obamas ethnicity and his reasons for continuing to support his pastor.
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The Color of Politics
John McWhorter discusses if race is more relevant to whites than blacks in this election, and if the issue of race will continue to be raised as November approached. He also talks about the different appeal Obama has to the different races, and why he thinks America is ready for THIS black president, and not necessarily A black president.
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Your Childs Divorce
When a marriage ends and 43% of marriages today will end in divorce according to estimates its not just the divorcing couple and their children who are hurt. The parents of the child feel the pain too. Marsha A. Temlock is author of 'Your Child's Divorce: What to Expect,What You Can Do.' She discusses her personal experiences that led her to writing the book, how the climate of marriage is different in todays society, and while you should avoid being a crutch, you should support your child no matter what.
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Your Childs Divorce Part Two
Marsha Temlock offers advice to parents of children going though a divorce, including why you shouldnt place blame for the end of the marriage, when and when not to stay neutral, the importance of maintaining a relationship with the other grandparents, and getting through the rescue period.
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Your Childs Divorce Part Three
In the final part of their discussion, Dave and Marsha talk about rebuilding and refocusing the family after a divorce, how to deal with your childs new relationships, the concept of the blended family and dealing with exes who are using your grandchildren as pawns.
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