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Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right
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Dave welcomes Emmy Award-winning Reporter and best-selling author Bernard Goldberg for a frank discussion on the blurred line between left and right, the problems with todays mainstream media and the angry spirit in this country. Then a guide to selling your home from two different perspectives: using a broker or doing in yourself. Plus recent turmoil in the financial sector has prompted the Secretary of the Treasury to call for a new federal regulatory order. Well take a look at his plan to determine if it makes any sense, and if it will actually solve the problem.
Episode Segments:
The Paulson Plan
Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson has a plan for a new federal regulatory order to prevent our current economic problems such as the mortgage crisis from ever happening again. Dave examines his plan with Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University. Professor Kotlikoff warns that this new plan may cause many more problems than it will solve, and believes it was the Federal Government that caused these problems in the first place.
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The Left isnt Right, But the Right Isnt Right
Bernard Goldberg has 8 Emmy awards and four best-selling books on his resume. His latest book is Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right: How One Side Lost Its Mind and the Other Lost Its Nerve. He joins Dave to talk about his issues with the Bush Administration, the lack of Conservative principles among the Republicans, the medias love affair with Barack Obama, and how todays network media has no respect for news.
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Angry America
Bernard discusses how the line of decency has moved in this country, and no one seems to notice or care. He also talks about why the media has been so easy on Obama, why they like John McCain, why the New York Times is the only print media left with influence, and the impact blogs have had on news and our culture.
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For Sale by Owner
If you want anything done right, you have to do it yourself. But does that apply to selling your home. Piper Nichole is author of The For Sale By Owner Handbook, and she has some tips and advice for those looking to do it yourself, including using the internet as your realtor, and getting your home ready for any potential buyers.
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Selling with a Pro
The main reason for selling your home yourself instead of using a broker is the bottom line - more cash in your pocket after the sale. But Pat Combs, immediate Past President of the National Association of Realtors says that usually isnt the case; it could end up costing you more. Pat also talks about how the real estate market has been affected by the economy, the trends in todays market, and how to work out a listing contract with a realtor. She also has some advice on the best ways to list and sell your home.
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Buying a Home
Weve all heard its a buyers market, but how do you know if what youre buying is a good deal. Peter A. Schkeeper is the Author of The Smart Consumers Guide to Home Buying, and he talks to Dave about how to know what you can afford, the types of mortgages he recommends, the need for proper home inspection, and negotiating a deal.
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Crazies To The Left Of Me, Wimps To The Right
Enough of the leftist lunatics who think "Radical Christians" are "as big a threat to America as Radical Muslims." Enough of the ultra-PC liberal media, which often seem more sympathetic to the "victims of humiliation" at Abu Ghraib than to our troops dying at the hands of Iraqi fundamentalists. Enough, too, of the gutless wonders on the right who don't have the courage to stand up for their own convictions. Now with powerful and provocative new material, Bernard Goldberg sounds an even louder alarm than before-warning that, if the wimps on the right don't regain their courage and reclaim their principles, the crazies on the left just might win the White House in '08.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Pat Combs
Pat V. Combs, a REALTOR from Grand Rapids, Mich., is the 2008 Immediate Past President of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS, America’s largest professional association, representing more than 1.3 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries. Pat served as NAR President in 2007 and NAR President-Elect in 2006. In 2005, she was NAR First Vice President. She served as NAR Regional Vice President in 1997 of Region VI, composed of Michigan and Ohio. A REALTOR since 1971, Pat is the Vice President of Coldwell Banker-AJS-Schmidt, the second largest real estate company in Michigan. Pat was President of the Michigan Association of REALTORS in 1995, and was chosen by her peers as Michigan "REALTOR of the Year" in 2002. Pat V. Combs and her husband, Guy Combs, have a combined family of six children and four grandchildren.

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Bernard Goldberg
Bernard Goldberg, the television news reporter and author of Bias, a New York Times number one bestseller about how the media distort the news, is widely seen as one of the most original writers and thinkers in broadcast journalism. He has covered stories all over the world for CBS News and won six Emmy awards for his work at that network. Goldberg now reports for the critically acclaimed HBO program Real Sports, hosted by Bryant Gumbel. In April 2001 Bernie won his seventh Emmy -this one for Outstanding Sports Journalism, for a Real Sports story entitled, “Dominican Free for All,” an investigative report on major league baseball recruiting in the Dominican Republic. Bernie has reported extensively, both at HBO and at CBS News, on the transformation of the American culture. Bernie has also written op-ed pieces for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. Today, Bernie lives in Miami with his wife, Nancy Solomon, and has two children, Brian and Catherine.

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Laurence Kotlikoff
Laurence J. Kotlikoff is Professor of Economics at Boston University, Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fellow of the Econometric Society, and President of Economic Security Planning, Inc. Professor Kotlikoff received his B.A. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1973 and his Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University in 1977. From 1977 through 1983 he served on the faculties of economics of the University of California, Los Angeles and Yale University. In 1981-82 Professor Kotlikoff was a Senior Economist with the President's Council of Economic Advisers. Professor Kotlikoff has served as a consultant to the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Harvard Institute for International Development,the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Labor, the Joint Committee on Taxation, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, numerous nations around the globe, and many major U.S. corporations. Professor Kotlikoff is author or co-author of 13 books and hundreds of professional journal articles.

Piper Nichole
Piper Nichole is an award winning writer, an editor for the NBC television affiliate's website in Richmond, Virginia, and the author of hundreds of articles for the Richmond Times-Dispatch and a variety of other newspapers and national magazines. She has also taken professional real-estate training and passed the state and national licensing exam.

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Peter A. Schkeeper
Peter Schkeeper, the “Jersey Shore Building Pathologist”, has been a Professional Engineer with more than 30 years of diversified problem solving experience. He has inspected thousands of homes and buildings helping buyers make informed decisions and completing their negotiations based on the buildings true condition. Peter Schkeeper is co-author of “The Smart Consumers Guide to Home Buying” published by Barrons. He has authored articles ranging from Corporate Contingency Planning to various technical papers about building condition deficiencies and maintenance planning. Peter’s firm Schkeeper Inc. Professional Engineering is located in Red Bank, NJ. Peter has three children and one grandchild.

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