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January 03, 2015

Getting Our Children to Love Reading
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Everyone agrees that it’s vital for kids to read. But are they reading? We’ll talk to an expert who reports some shocking statistics. Then - if you’re an investor, do you know the seven deadly sins of 401K investing? We’ll show you how to avoid common money mistakes.
Episode Segments:
InfoTrak: Building a Love for Reading
Gaby Chapman, retired teacher, former school board president, andauthor of Let Them Have Books: A Formula for Universal Reading Proficiency” offered advice for parents who want to encourage a love of reading in their children. She explained why youngsters who read for fun do better in school than those who do not. She also talked about the importance of allowing kids to choose their own reading material.
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InfoTrak: Fixing 401K Mistakes
Jeff Reeves, financial journalist, and editor of InvestorPlace.com outlined the most common mistakes investors make when handling their 401(k) investments. He explained how frequently an investor should do some housekeeping with their mutual fund portfolio and how to decide when to rebalance investments that have changed in value.
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InfoTrak: Women and 40
Age 40 is a harrowing milestone for many women. Sarah Brokaw, author of Fortytude: Making the Next Decades the Best Years of Your Life talked about the reasons behind this, and how women can navigate the transition into midlife with more enjoyment. She said society sends women many conflicting messages about being their own person and yet conforming to traditional expectations.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Sarah Brokaw
Sarah Brokaw is a licensed therapist with a private practice in Beverly Hills, California where she specializes in relational dynamics. Her involvement with the wellness community is complemented by her engagement with the world at large. She is a psychotherapist and philanthropist skilled at helping people on an individual, as well as a communal basis. Sarah’s belief that education is a lifelong pursuit within and outside the classroom, has led her to achieve some of the highest accolades in her profession. Sarah graduated from Duke University and earned a Masters in Social Work from New York University. She then received specialized training in working with families and couples from the esteemed Ackerman Institute. Her involvement with this group continued in her collaboration with the two co-directors of the Relational Trauma Project at the Ackerman Institute for Families and Couples. Sarah finished a postgraduate program at Fielding University for Executive Coaching and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Additionally, she is a graduate of the National Institute for Psychotherapies’ one year psychoanalytic training. Professionally, Sarah has experience as an inpatient therapist for latency aged children at Four Winds Hospital, and she conducted group therapy for individuals who either worked in the World Trade Center or lived/worked near the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks. Four years ago, inspired by the remarkable women she has met on her journey, Sarah created a six-week series in which women of diverse backgrounds meet, share, and support each other in achieving their professional and personal goals, The common thread through all of Sarah’s work is a unique capacity for bringing individuals to a more confident expression of their authentic self and a greater understanding of themselves within a group, the findings of which are at the heart of her upcoming book, Fortytude (bought by Hyperion’s imprint, Voice). Philanthropically, she is actively involved with the organization Women for Women International and has had the opportunity to travel to Rwanda and Bosnia where she has met the courageous women who were once socially excluded individuals but who have learned to become powerful members of the community due to their participation in the Women for Women International’s one year educational program and support from their sponsors at large. Most recently, Sarah has had the the opportunity to visit Haiti, where she has volunteered her time at J/P HRO (founded by actor, Sean Penn) as a counselor for women and as a documentary photographer.

My Fortytude

Gaby Chapman
By teaching English for seven years, I learned how much kids love to read and how much it benefits them. But I saw how they rarely get the opportunity in school to regularly access the books that will really capture their minds. I believe this is the key to reversing course on our educational decline in relationship to the rest of the world. We have the power and the resources to make sure all of our children become serious readers and every teacher knows that the serious readers are the easiest to educate. The purpose of my book, Let Them Have Books: A Formula for Universal Reading Proficiency, and this web site is to advocate for an inviolable place for enthusiastic reading at the core of our education

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