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June 05, 2010

Recovering From a Stroke
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Strokes can be terrifying for their victims, but when one happens to a brain scientist, she considers it a remarkable gift. We have her story. Then, most Americans are meat eaters. But how can we be sure animals are raised humanely, and the food is safe to eat? Plus - grocery prices are on the rise and putting families in a pinch. An expert shares tips on how to make your dollar go farther during your next trip to the supermarket.
Episode Segments:
InfoTrak: Stroke of Insight
Stroke is now the number three killer in the US. Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard-trained brain scientist who experienced a massive stroke at age 37. Over the course of eight years, she made a complete recovery, and wrote about her experience in My Stroke of Insight. She shares her perspective on the brain and its surprising capacity for recovery, and explains how to recognize when someone is having a stroke and what to do about it.
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InfoTrak: Feeding Your Family for Fewer Dollars
Jaci Rae is a shopping expert, and the author of 5 Meals for $5. Ms. Rae discusses the rapidly rising cost of groceries and its effect on family budgets. She offers tips for consumers on how to save money on food shopping and preparation.
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InfoTrak: The Compassionate Carnivore
Catherine Friend owns a small farm, and is the author of The Compassionate Carnivore She raises animals and eats meat. She talks about the often inhumane and unsafe ways America's meat supply is raised, and why she believes the system should change. She offered tips for consumers who would like to buy meat from local small farms, rather than from supermarkets supplied by "factory farms."
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Buy My Stroke Of Insight At Amazon.com
On the morning of December 10, 1996, Jill Bolte Taylor, a thirty-seven-year-old Harvard-trained brain scientist, experienced a massive stroke when a blood vessel exploded in the left side of her brain. n My Stroke of Insight, Taylor shares her unique perspective on the brain and its capacity for recovery, and the sense of omniscient understanding she gained from this unusual and inspiring voyage out of the abyss of a wounded brain.

The Compassionate Carnivore
For most of her life, Catherine Friend was a carnivore who preferred not to consider where the meat on her plate came from. But Friend's attitude began to change after she and her partner bought a farm and began raising sheep for meat. Friend's ensuing odyssey through the world of livestock and farming is a journey that offers critical insights into how our meat is raised, how we buy it and from whom, and why change is desirable and possible.

5 Meals For $5
Food is the second biggest expenditure in most people's lives, yet they don't pay attention to it. Pay yourself by using the information inside of 5 Meals for $5. It's not all about coupons, it's about planning so you can save a lot of money! And if you think you might starve because of the portions, think again!

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Jaci Rae
Jaci Rae Is The Queen of More Green. Known for her frugal, money saving ideas and tasty food, Jaci spends much of her time teaching people how to save money. Jaci is currently pursing her path towards a Masters / PhD in Math and Psychology and is a #1 best-selling author as well as an award-winning singer. Always on the go, Whole Foods named one of Jaci's companies Top Manufacturer in 2007. Jaci and her companies have been featured in Shape, Entrepreneur, Woman's Day, Woman's Health and many other magazines.

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Jill Bolte Taylor
Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard-trained and published neuroanatomist who is afilliated with the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indiananapolis, Indiana. As the National Spokesperson for the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center (Harvard Brain Bank), she travels the country as the Singin' Scientist. She is the Consulting Neuroanatomist for the Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute. Since 1993, she has been an active member of NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) and is currently the president of the NAMI Greater Bloomington Area affiliate.

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Catherine Friend
Catherine has been a writer since 1985, when she began working as a contract technical writer in the Twin Cities. In 1990 she left corporate life, started writing for children, and has published six children's books. For ten years Catherine taught adults how to write for children, and gave dozens of presentations to children, teachers, and librarians. In a previous life, Catherine was an economist, and has a B.A. in Economics and Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and an M.S. in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota. Catherine has been a farmer since 1995, when she and her partner moved to the country, bought goats, chickens, llamas, and sheep, and plunged into the agricultural life. Both her memoir, Hit by a Farm, and The Perfect Nest were inspired by life on the farm.

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