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November 26, 2010

Worn Out at Work
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Are you feeling tired lately? 75 Million Americans are. And if youre tired of being tired, youll want to hear our interview with an MD who has some surprising facts. Then, women are achieving more in society. But are men getting left behind? Plus, our inner city schools are in serious trouble. And one expert thinks change is needed now before those troubles get worse.
Episode Segments:
InfoTrak: Chronic Exhaustion at Work
75 million Americans admit to feeling extremely fatigued at work. Dr. Woodson Merrell, author of The Source discusses the latest scientific research into chronic exhaustion and metabolism. He also discusses the effectiveness of relation techniques, dietary changes and exercise in tapping into the body's natural energy and achieving optimal health.
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InfoTrak: The Decline of Men
Guy Garcia, author of The Decline of Men believes that today's men are struggling to redefine what being a man means in todays world, leaving many feeling disconnected and frustrated. He said as a result, men are squandering their energy in pursuits such as video games and fantasy football, rather than in furthering their education and developing relationships.
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InfoTrak: Hard Times for Inner City Schools
Richard J. Gordon, PhD is an educational researcher, former inner city school teacher, and author of The Emperor Has No Clothes. He believes that our nation's inner city schools are in serious trouble. He believes that the root of the problem can be traced to students who are not sold on the value of education.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Woodson Merrell
Dr. Woodson Merrell, named by New York magazine a "Leader for the New Millennium," is chairman of the Department of Integrative Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center, Manhattan campus of Albert Einstein College of Medicine and an assistant clinical professor of medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Since 1985 he has maintained a high-profile private practice in integrative medicine and acupuncture on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Dr. Merrell has chaired and been scientific director for numerous medical and consumer health care conferences, and is featured regularly in the national media for his expertise in integrative medicine.

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Guy Garcia
Guy Garcia is an award-winning journalist, novelist, and multimedia entrepreneur, specializing in multicultural consumerism and socio-economic trends. Garcia is the current President & CEO of Mentametrix, Inc., a next-generation research, marketing and consulting company that combines: [1] multicultural consumer insight from a sociological phenomenon he coined The New Mainstream, for which he has written a book by the same name; and [2] the predictive power of the Implicit Association Test (IAT) and other online research technologies. Garcia was a staff writer at TIME Magazine for 13 years, where he covered business, international and arts & entertainment, including a 1988 cover story on the emerging U.S. Latino culture, featuring famed actor Edward James Olmos. He is a former Vice President at AOL, where he launched AOL Latino, the bilingual entity of AOL International, encompassing all 2 million of its Hispanic subscribers. A three-time national magazine Awards judge, Garcia serves as a speaker and consultant for major international corporations, including Time Warner, Reebok, The National Ski Aeas Association, Kraft Foods, the Coca Cola Company, Nissan Motors, McKinsey & Co. and the Council on Foreign Relations.

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