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December 12, 2021

Saturn Worship & Native American Legends, Dogmen, Bigfoot And Werewolves
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Episode Segments:
Saturn Worship
In hour one Richard welcomes an author/broadcaster and expert on end times prophecy to discuss worship of the god Saturn by the ancient Romans, the Hurrians who lived all over Canaan, and the Philistine giants of David's day who belonged to a warrior cult that worshiped the "sons of Saturn," the Nephilim. The god Saturn goes by many names, including Kronos, El and Molech, and the chief of the rebellious Watchers on Mount Hermon, Shemihazah. ​

Guest: Derek P. Gilbert hosts the news analysis program Five in Ten for SkyWatchTV and co-hosts the weekly video programs SciFriday and Unraveling Revelation with his wife, author, and analyst Sharon K. Gilbert. Derek is the author of the groundbreaking books Bad Moon Rising, The Great Inception, and Last Clash of the Titans.

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Native American Legends, Dogmen, Bigfoot And Werewolves
n the second hour, Richard speaks with a horror/sci-fi author and intrepid cryptid researcher about the legend of the werewolf as well as his work researching dogmen and bigfoot sightings.

​ Guest: D.A. Roberts is a cryptozoologist and an author of fiction, primarily in the horror/dystopian and science fiction genres. Born in Lebanon, Missouri, he now lives in Springfield, Missouri with his wife and sons. For most of his career, D.A. served his community in law enforcement. D.A. also co-hosts a popular podcast called D.A. Ex Machina.

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