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March 21, 2021

UFOs & The Bible
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Episode Segments:
UFOs & The Bible, Hr 1
Richard speaks with a author, researcher, and former manager for Fortune 500 companies, who has studied the Bible for over 40 years to discuss his work connecting aspects of the paranormal and UFOs with material in the Bible.

Guest: W. Wallace Wagner Jr. received his BS degree from West Virginia University in 1981 and subsequently did graduate work at Marshall University and the University of Charleston. He gained a unique understanding of the Bible from 40 years of study, mostly self-taught. He has an interest in UFO-type craft in the Bible, prophecy, the Great Pyramid of Giza, disclosure, and legitimate crop circles. In September 2016, he had his own UFO sighting of the white 'Tic-Tac' variety.

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UFOs & The Bible, Hr 2
Richard continues his conversation with W. Wallace Wagner, as they discuss the significance of 1947 and the emergence of the atomic age, crop circles, and the possible disclosure of the government's UFO knowledge and evidence.
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