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November 15, 2020

The Great Reset
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Episode Segments:
The Great Reset, Hr 1
Richard welcomes the host of a popular podcast and YouTube channel covering a vast array of alternative information including UFOs, ETs and Alien Treaties, Advanced Ancient Civilizations, Time Travel, The New World Order, and more. They'll discuss the World Economic Forum's plan to use the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to dramatically transform all aspects of society. ​

GUEST: Rex Bear

After spending over 15 Years working for other people and businesses, Rex Bear has learned a lot about life. With about 80 different positions and titles, jobs and careers under his belt, Rex has pieced together much of what is referred to as the "Real World". Although it is far from the real world, it's the illusion of illusions! In 1993 as a teenager Rex was told about what is now unfolding today. Rex is a dedicated researcher, who's desire for learning who and what is really running the scenes behind the Big Show has been a passion of his, his entire life; and has served as the catalyst for Leak Project. The Leak Project was created to offer awareness and information not found in the mainstream news. With over 90% of the Worlds Media controlled by only 5 enormous Conglomerates, many people are looking for more accurate information. The Leak Project offers a refreshing approach to the brain drain media, with cutting edge information you will not find anywhere else. Once you break out of the Mind Control Media, your life will never be the same. Do yourself a favor, wake up and smell the swamp gas.

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The Great Reset, Hr 2
Richard continues his conversation with Rex Bear, including a discussion of how the 2020 Presidential election relates to the Great Reset, plus they take calls from listeners.
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