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October 04, 2020

Climate Alarmism
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Episode Segments:
Climate Alarmism Hr 1
​Richard welcomes a former science teacher, geologist, lifelong environmentalist and blogger to challenge the current claims about climate change. He vigorously disputes the assertions that there is anything approaching scientific consensus on the question of anthropogenic climate change, that carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere drives global temperature, that weather is becoming more extreme, or that the current wildfires in California are caused by global warming.

​ ​ Guest: Tony Heller describes himself as a "whistleblower" and "independent thinker" who is considered a heretic on both sides of the climate debate. He has enjoyed a broad career in science, education, environment and engineering, and he utilizes the same skill set and techniques to analyze climate science claims, as he has used in science/engineering. Tony has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, and participated in geothermal, oil shale, thermodynamics of methane hydrates, and volcanic research at Los Alamos National Labs. He has a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and has served as a computer architect at Sandia Labs, part of the consortium team at Compaq, and the design manager for Hitachi's ST/SH5 microprocessor. He is a lifelong environmentalist who first testified before Congress in 1972 in support of wilderness. He fought for the Clean Air and Water Act. Tony points out that he does not receive any funding from anyone, other than small donations to his blog which works out to about $5/hour. He says he hates cars and would love to see 90% of them off the road.

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Climate Alarmism Hr 2
Richard continues the conversation about climate change with Tony Heller, and opens the phone lines for questions from listeners.
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