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January 05, 2020

The Return Of The $31.2 Trillion Man
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Episode Segments:
The Return Of The $31.2 Trillion Man Pt 1
Richard welcomes back President Ronald Reagan's secret agent to discuss how he masterminded the takedown of the Soviet economy. He'll reveal how he was given $150 billion loan from the U.S. to carry out his mandate. Through a complex series of massive currency swaps he was able to drastically devalue the Russian ruble and bankrupt the Soviet Union. He'll discuss how he made his $31.2 trillion fortune, the current location of the funds, and his wish to have it go back to the American people to build a high-speed rail system and deal with the country's debt. In his effort to carry out the mandate given him by Reagan, He was falsely imprisoned and the funds were converted illegally into the Federal Reserve system.

GUEST: Lee Wanta masterminded a creative way to financially take down the economy of the Soviet Union and put together and negotiated an agreement with Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev. As a result the Russian Federation was born and future generations throughout the entire world have enjoyed more safety from a nuclear holocaust because of this effort. In this process Lee Wanta did amass trillions of dollars that were designated to go back to the American people by President Reagan. In his effort to carry out his mandate, Lee was imprisoned and the monetary funds that were his to distribute as planned were stolen or converted illegally by an organization known as the Federal Reserve System and used by them to this day.

GUEST: Lon Gibby is a publisher, director and filmmaker. He President & CEO of Gibby Media Group, Inc. (GMG). GMG is a 37-year -old media and technology company. GMG is known as a content producer of quality award winning documentaries, interactive programming, television, video production, advertising, marketing, E-learning training and education. He is the director and producer of a documentary about Lee Wanta called Eagle One to Wanta. He also edited and published the Lee's story, Wanta! Black Swan, White Hat.

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The Return Of The $31.2 Trillion Man Pt 2
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