Friday • May 24
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Team F.A.B. on the way to the Arnolds
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This week's episode features Pro Football Hall of Famer John Randle and Christina Clausen & Caryn Paolini of Staci Boyer's Team F.A.B., who will be participating in the Arnold Sports Festival Feb. 28-March 3 in Columbus, Ohio.

Christina will be competing in the open figure competition. Caryn will be competing in the Bikini A category in the gathering that attracts participants and patrons from all around the world. Caryn also will be one of 12 finalists in the Rock Star Bikini Contest on Feb. 28.
Episode Segments:
Sports and Torts: Team FAB and the Arnolds

Christina Clausen and Caryn Paolini are busy preparing for The Arnold, so they were unable to visit the studios. However, ďSports & TortsĒ visited them at Team F.A.B. headquarters in suburban Chicago. Staci Boyer and Sandy Wiedmeyer who head up Team F.A.B. also make an appearance.
Photo by Don Bersano Photography.
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Sports and Torts: Hall of Famer John Randle

Believe it or not, this Hall of Fame defensive tackle went undrafted in the NFL. But after just one season with the Minnesota Vikings, Randle had earned a starting spot and was well on his way to becoming one of the best defensive tackles of all-time- 137.5 career sacks (still the most ever by a defensive tackle) in 14 seasons. And he was a master at trash talking as well. He'll share his techniques in this interview.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Chrissy Claussen
Hi Ė my name is Chrissy Clausen. I wish I could say Iíve always wanted to be a figure competitor but I havenít. I have always been athletic and very competitive. I never had to workout, I was always naturally fit. Until I had my first son. I went from 110lbs to over 200lbs. I would lay in my closet and look at the clothes I can no longer fit in and cry. I had my 2nd son and without losing much weight gained it all back. Once again over 200lbs. After that I said no way, I want my body back and I want to be here for my sons. So I bought a pair a Nikes and I ran, I ran every chance I had. I completed my 1st 1/2 marathon!!! I was so proud of myself, I felt like I could do anything. Although I lost most of the weight I had gained, my body shape had changed and not for the better. So I joined a gym and got a trainer. I showed him a picture of Jennifer Nicole Lee and said make me look like this! He laughed and said ok, after working with him for just a short time he said you should get into figure or bikini competitions. I laughed and said ok. Just by chance I met someone that competed in figure, she talked to me about it, I googled it, I then began obsessing about it. She got me in touch with Sandy from Team FAB and itís only been 15 weeks but my whole life has changed. My body has changed so drastically, Iím amazed everyday. When this all started I never thought Iíd find the time. I have 2 young boys, I am knee deep in a fairly new business, setting rebar in bridge decks and trying to break into the precast and steel erection end of the business. Well what Iíve learned in this journey, is if you want something bad enough you make time.

Team FAB Website

Caryn Paolini
Hi! Iím Caryn Paolini. I am an only child originally from the south suburbs of Chicago. Growing up, my always supportive parents let me try out just about every sport and activity I wanted until I finally found my ďnicheĒ, which ended up being gymnastics and cheerleading. I participated in gymnastics and competitive cheerleading for about eight years and absolutely LOVED every second of it! As a kid, my parents also instilled in me, the importance of healthy eating habits (thanks mom and dad!). My mom grew up as a child and teenager that struggled with her weight, and in her twenties decided to change her life and began working out every day and maintaining a healthy diet. She truly inspires me to do what I do today and to achieve my fitness goals. I attended undergrad at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and after undergrad, I moved to the north side of the city (Go Cubs!), and went to graduate school for School Psychology. Iíve always been the type of person that likes to set up challenges and goals for myself and Iím not completely satisfied until I achieve them. I guess you can say Iím a bit of a perfectionist! I set many goals in regards to my education and career path, and worked hard to achieve them, all the while, never being truly satisfied with my body. Iíve always been the type to work out consistently, but struggled for many years to maintain healthy eating habits, which caused me to go up and down in my weight for years. I knew that with my drive and determination that I had the potential to achieve the healthy lifestyle that I wanted but just needed that push. Finding the world of fitness at the competitive level has given me that push and has truly inspired and motivated me to achieve my personal fitness goals. Since training for my first competition, I can now say that I am completely HOOKED! I am grateful that I have become a part of Team FAB! Being a part of the team has definitely been an incredibly positive experience so far. The girls have all been so supportive and it reminds me of my cheerleading days, which I love! Balancing the busy and often overwhelming job of a School Psychologist, taking care of my Chihuahua, Bean, and finding time to spend with family, friends, and my boyfriend while managing to maintain a healthy lifestyle and train for competitions definitely comes with many challenges, but with the support of my loved ones and Team FAB, I know it is possible! With my passion for this lifestyle, I am hoping that I can inspire others and show them that that it is possible to balance a busy schedule and achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. It takes hard work and dedication, but it is achievable, and most definitely worth it!

Team FAB Website

John Randle
Randle went undrafted; he tried out for his brother's team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but was thought to be too small, and was not signed to a contract. The 6'1" 287-lbs. defensive linemen was picked up by the Vikings during training camp, playing his first season in 1990. He went to his first Pro Bowl in 1993 after recording 11.5 sacks, and was quickly becoming one of the dominant defensive tackles of his era. Once Henry Thomas left the Vikings, Randle increased his training regimen, and became well known for his disarming on-field heckling of opposing players. Randle would record double digit sacks during eight different seasons, including a career-high and league-leading 15.5 sacks in 1997. Randle had an ongoing rivalry with Packers quarterback Brett Favre, whom he sacked more than any other quarterback; Favre said that Randle was the toughest defensive player he faced and "on artificial turf he's unblockable". Like fellow Minnesota Viking Chris Hovan, Randle was known for eccentric face painting as well as trash talking on the field. At the end of the 2000 season, Randle signed with the Seattle Seahawks, and retired in March 2004. He had planned to retire a year earlier, but Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren convinced him to stay one more year. The Seahawks made the playoffs two times while he was on the roster, but did not reach the Super Bowl. While with the Seahawks, Randle acquired his final sack. Randle left the NFL tied with Richard Dent for 5th in number of career sacks, and his 137.5 career sacks is the most by a defensive tackle in NFL history, aside from Vikings legend Alan Page who had a total of 148.5 sacks.[10] Over his career he was named to seven Pro Bowl squads. Randle was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame and inducted into the Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor in 2008. He was eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame starting in 2009, and was elected in his second year of eligibility in 2010. Randle was inducted in Canton, OH on August 7, 2010

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